Pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses
Veterinary / Diagnostics & Emergency / Diagnostics / Ultrasound
Art. No.: 191432
HK Rheintechnik
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Pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses

The pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses, manufactured by HK Rheintechnik, is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic device. It offers veterinarians and horse breeders planning certainty and allows them to perform simple, regular checks so that false pregnancies and miscarriages do not go unnoticed. 
No previous experience or training are required to use the pregnancy diagnosis unit. The examination takes a maximum of 30 seconds on average and does not require a rectal examination of the animal. 
The pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses works by reflecting ultrasonic waves against the amniotic fluid. A loud, continuous tone confirms a large amount of fluid. 
  • Cover probe in oil (all oils incl. pure engine oil can be used)
  • Place probe beneath the popliteal crease on the udder
  • Repeat 2-3 days later if result is negative
Note: If the probe is positioned incorrectly, reflections against the bladder may lead to a false-positive result. A control/reference measurement is therefore recommended. 
Product details
  • Pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses
  • Large amounts of liquid (amniotic fluid) are reflected using ultrasonic waves
  • A pregnancy is indicated via a clear, constant tone 
  • No rectal examination necessary 
  • Confidence level greater than 90% (from the 12th week of pregnancy)
  • No long training periods or prior experience required
  • Risk-free examination 
  • Instant diagnosis
  • Examination time usually under 30 seconds
  • Robust device - Made in Germany
  • Handheld device: easy to attach to a belt via a clip - for free hands
  • Simple handling, easy to transport
  • Powered by 4x 1.5 Volt AA batteries (included)
  • With battery warning light
  • Dimensions of device: 16.5 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 525 g (1.2 kg with case)
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 24 months
The pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses is supplied with a test body for regular test measurements, but without contact gel. 
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Pregnancy diagnosis unit for horses

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