Breathcare Apnoe Monitor
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0 Breathcare Apnoe Monitor
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  • Simple breathing monitor
  • Special for veterinary medicine
  • Signal tone after 25 seconds of apnoea
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Breathcare Apnoe Monitor


The Breathcare apnoe monitor is a monitoring device for veterinary medicine. While animals are under narcosis, the monitor can be attached via the tube, on the front-side of the inhalation narcosis device. There, the device monitors the breathing patterns of the animal.  

The Breathcare® apnoe monitor clearly simplifies activities in practices and clinics as the entire team may concentrate on the operation, while the monitor surveils the animals breathing. Through a signal tone, each breath is recorded - if the animal stops breathing for 25 seconds, the veterinarian is alerted with a long tone.

After one minute of apnoea, the device automatically shuts off. If, during this minute, the animal begins breathing again, the apnoea monitor will continue functioning as before, recording each inhalation with a short tone. 



Product Details

  • Breathcare Apnoe Monitor
  • Breathing monitor for animals
  • Simple assembly between endotracheal tubes and inhalation narcosis device
  • Additional protection for the animal, burden relief for the OP team
  • Monitor alerts you with an uninterrupted tone after 25 seconds of apnoea
  • Each inhale is reported with a beep
  • Specially designed for use in veterinary medicine
  • Material: PVC
  • Suited for multiple uses, not sterilisable
  • Disinfectable
  • Battery operated (1x CR2032)
  • 1 Unit



  • Simple beep tone with each breath, uninterrupted warning signal with 25 second breathing lapses
  • Warning signal lasts up to one minute before automatic device shutoff
  • If the animal begins breathing again during this one minute, then the device continues to monitor each breath as before and acknowledges each inhalation with a short beep tone
The apnoe monitor will be delivered to you with a CR2032 battery, making it immediately useable.
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