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0 Horse Control System
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  • Simple Monitoring of Horses
  • Halter with SMS Function
  • Delivered with Ready-to-use Set
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Horse Control System

Horse Control - monitoring at the highest level! 
This symple system for pain monitoring in horses is equally used in Veterinarians, horse owners and horse breeders, in order to immediately recognise pain levels during birthing, for example. Horse Control is a high-quality system comprising an halter, transmitter and receiving station, which is able to alert the owner, vet or breeder of acute pain levels via SMS (text message). 
Horse Control was developed for the nightly observation of load-bearing mares, monitoring of post-operation hores or for colic-prone horses. It allows the vet to work with other patients and then return, if the condition deteriorates. 
The pain monitoring systems works through sensors in the halter, which are found in the nose bridge and neck areas. Theses sensors transmit peak values deriving from skin resistance and temperature in combination with the animals movement behaviour.
Horse Control Uses
  • Load-bearing ares
  • Horses after Operationen
  • Colic-prone horses
Product Details
  • System for pain monitoring in horses, "Horse Control"
  • Multiple applications
  • For monitoring of an horse in a stall
  • Ideal for horse clinics, breeders and riding stables
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 8 horses
  • Alert transmission to mobile device via SMS or phone call
  • Halter equipped with modern sensors
  • Measurement of peak values, independent from outside temperature
  • Resistance and temperature assessment in combination with the horses movement behaviour
  • Halter integrated batteries (service life 2-3 days)
  • Optional: Prepaid SIM-card required for the station
  • Signal-relay distance between halter and station: ca. 30 - 50 m
  • Extremely simple to use
  • High comfort for the horse
  • High-quality halter, colour gray
  • Simple implementation
  • Alarm with disrupted signal between halter and station (empty battery)
  • Low-maintenance system
How does Horse Control work?
The sensors in the animals halter (bridge and neck area) transmit changes in pain level - temperature changes independent of outside temperatures. When the normal value is exeeded, the halter sends this information to the station, which should be placed within a distance of 30-50 meters from the animal. Before use, this station should be equipped with an independent, prepaid SIM-card with the ability to send SMS messages or make phone calls to a mobile number, so as to inform the recipient of acute pain in the horse.
Included: Base station (220V) with permanent power supply, 1 halter in the desired size with incorporated battery, corresponding power supply, instruction manual, brief instruction manual, transport case and breathable pouch for the halter during non-use. 
The Horse Control system will be delivered to you, halter included. Other halters are optionally available. Eight horses may be monitored, simultaneously, with the help of 8 halters. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Which halter size is ideal for my horse?

The Horse Control System is available in 3 various halter sizes. Size 1 for Shetland Ponies, size 2 for fullbloods and size 3 for thoroughbreds. There is currently no halter offered for coldblood horses. 

Can Horse Control also be used in the field?

No. The system is meant for monitoring horses in stalls. It should not be wet and the transmission range is limited to 30-50 meters.

Which SIM card should I use with the station?

Idealy, a card which holds a good network connection in the stall. Otherwise, the card should not be PIN locked. In emergencies, the PIN can also be input into the device.

How does the halter charge?

The halter integrated battery is charged via the included power supply. Optimally, the halter would be taken off and charged on a day, where the horse is under personal observation. The Li-ion battery offers a service life of about 2-3 days.

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Horse Control System
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