Cast dressings are used in veterinary medicine to set and stabilise limbs, for both conservative and surgical treatment. This supporting bandage is made from glass fibre or polyester with a plastic resin coating and is activated with water. The time taken to apply the cast dressing varies depending on the temperature of the water and the soaking period.


Applying setting cast dressings

After cushioning the extremities well with a padded bandage, cast dressings can be activated in water. The hard roll will soon be soft and workable. Just like with an adhesive bandage, cast dressings can be rolled around extremities. It is important to apply the dressing without leaving any gaps and to wind it round correctly, as cast dressings harden within a few minutes and can then only be removed with plaster scissors or a plaster saw; they cannot be reworked.

Cast dressings are frequently applied as described above and then divided in two halves, thus producing a splint system that allows regular and quick bandage changes. Praxisdienst-VET offers cast dressings in a variety of colours and sizes - select the ones you need.

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