Surgical dressings

Surgical dressings

The surgical dressings category is a grouped category with a variety of dressing materials such as compresses, compression bandages, gauze and adhesive bandages, net and tubular bandages, plasters, padded bandages and swabs. In order to provide the clarity expected of a good online shop, we have also introduced the Wound Cleaning subcategory. Here you will find solutions and ointments that can be used to clean wound and necrosis.

After injection equipment, surgical dressings are the most commonly used consumables in a veterinary clinic. For this reason, we have produced a versatile category with a wide range of products. The individual dressings are partially available in a variety of nice colours and sizes and some with special extras: cohesive adhesive bandages with a bitter coating, for instance, are used on cats and dogs, to stop them from licking and chewing the wound bandage. These bandages can also be purchased individually. The surgical dressings are mostly available in large, economic packs, for instance in packs of 100 compresses or 24 bandages. Save money when buying large quantities of dressings from Praxisdienst-VET!

More categories with Surgical dressings

  • Compresses Compresses

    Made from gauze or non-woven material, folded into 8 or 12, sterile or non-sterile: you will find a wide selection of compresses, here!

  • Compression Bandages Compression Bandages

    In this category, you will find compression bandages with different tensile strengths.

  • Gauze and Conforming Bandages Gauze and Conforming Bandages

    Bandages to secure wound dressings - in many great colours, with a bitter coating, elastic, rigid and in a comprehensive range of sizes.

  • Net and Tubular Bandages Net and Tubular Bandages

    Ideal as "suits" for large wounds or to secure wound dressings: net and tubular bandages from Praxisdienst-VET.

  • Plasters Plasters

    Plasters: adhesive plasters, adhesive tape and tapes in great colours - for veterinary surgeons.

  • Padded Bandages Padded Bandages

    Cotton wool and padded bandages from various manufacturers - order online from Praxisdienst-VET at fair prices!

  • Safety shoes Safety shoes

    Animal shoes: shoes to protect animals' paws or hooves.

  • Swabs Swabs

    Discover our huge selection of swabs! Here, you will find folded, round, sterile and non-sterile swabs from various manufacturers.

  • Wound Cleaning Wound Cleaning

    This category offers dressings that are used to clean wounds in veterinary medicine.