Cohesive elastic bandage 5 cm
Veterinary / Dressing Material / Surgical dressings / Gauze and Adhesive Bandages
Art. No.: 190940
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Cohesive elastic bandage


This cohesive elastic bandage is a self-adhesive, elastic bandage specially made for veterinary medicine in many sizes. It can be used as a upper material of a dressing.  The bandage is cohesive - this means that the layers stick together and do not get out of place - but it does not stick to the skin and the hair of the animal.

The cohesive elastic bandage is available in three sizes.


Please note: depending on the size, the pack contains a different amount of cohesive elastic bandages.


Product details:

  • Self-adhesive cohesive elastic bandage
  • very easy to tear off - no scissors needed
  • does not stick to fur
  • nonslip
  • light material
  • smooth and at the same time solid material
  • high elasticity
  • lengh: 4,5 m

roll width
rolls / Box article number
5,0 cm 36 pieces 190940
7,5 cm 24 pieces 190941
10,0 cm 18 pieces 190942


Frequently Asked Questions
How do these fixation bandages stick? 

Cohesive fixation bandages stick layer on layer using a special coating, but not to fur or skin. 

How are the fixation bandages used? 

Just like gauze bandages, the self-adhesive fixation bandages are applied over a layer of cotton wool and can be unrolled directly onto the animal. The fixation bandages are easy to tear by hand and do no need to be cut awkwardly with scissors. 

What colours do the individual sizes of the fixation bandages come in? 

The self-adhesive fixation bandages are offered in different colours. They vary from time to time and according to size. All colours are bright.

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Cohesive elastic bandage 5 cm

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