Catgut chrome 2,0 (4/0), 100m
Veterinary / Dressing Material / Wound Closure / Sutures
Art. No.: 190590
SMI Catgut chrome
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  • Absorbable multifilament on a spool
  • Made from natural bovine collagen
  • Versatile in veterinary medicine
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Catgut chrome 

Catgut chrome is an absorbable suture made from natural collagen that has been treated with chromium salts. This absorbable suture, a popular choice in veterinary medicine, is composed of twisted filaments but has a monofilament look. It is obtained from the natural serosal layer in cattle. To ensure a high degree of safety, Catgut chrome is exclusively manufactured from bovine intestines from countries and bovine populations that are guaranteed free from BSE.
In contrast to Catgut plain, Catgut chrome causes less tissue reaction due to the chromium salt treatment and has a significantly longer absorption time. This makes Catgut chrome the suture of choice when threads need to be absorbed but the wound also needs to be held together longer. 
Properties of Catgut chrome
  • Absorbable suture
  • Twisted multifilament
  • Made from natural, treated bovine collagen
  • Dark brown
  • High tensile strength
Absorption time for Catgut chrome
  • Completely absorbed after approximately 90 days
  • Approximately 50% of tensile strength still remains after 14 days
  • Quicker in inflamed tissues and with high proteolytic concentrations
  • Absorption through phagocytosis
Catgut chrome has many uses thanks to its tensile strength, for instance, in visceral surgery, general surgery, gynaecology or for ligatures.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Catgut chrome made from?

Catgut chrome is an absorbable suture manufactured from bovine intestines.

Is it permissible to manufacture sutures from bovine intestines?

It goes without saying that Catgut chrome is only manufactured from bovine intestines that come from countries and animal populations that are guaranteed free from BSE. 

Where is Catgut chrome used?

Due to its good tissue compatibility and absorbance, Catgut chrome has many uses, for instance, to close wounds, in general surgery and in visceral surgery. 

What are the properties of Catgut chrome?

Catgut chrome is valued in veterinary medicine for its many advantages: 

  • tissue-compatible, twisted multifilament
  • high tensile strengthtissue-compatible due to natural origin
  • increased absorption time due to chromium salt treatment
What packages are available for Catgut?

On Praxisdienst-VET, Catgut is available as economical spool material and in very hygienic needle-and-thread combinations of various strengths.

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Catgut chrome
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