Supramid "black" 1,5 (4/0), 100m
Veterinary / Dressing Material / Wound Closure / Sutures
Art. No.: 190615 Supramid "black"
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  • Black multifilament, non-absorbable
  • Economical use
  • In various strengths and lengths
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Supramid "black"

Supramid "black" is a non-absorbable suture. It is synthetically manufactured from polyamide 6.6 and coated with polyamide 6.6. The twisted thread structure of the multifilament and the cylindrical coating give Supramid "black" excellent sliding properties, so only a minimal sawing effect and tissue trauma are caused during stitching. Thanks to the synthetic polyamide, Supramid "black" is not absorbed by the tissue and is well tolerated. As the wound heals, the thread becomes wrapped in connective tissue.
Supramid "black" on spools is valued first and foremost by users for its good and easy manipulation, as well as for its optimal knotting properties, adjustability and knot security.
Details for Supramid "black"
  • Twisted and coated multifilament in a monofilament look
  • Non-absorbable, is gradually wrapped in connective tissue
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Excellent and permanent tissue support
  • Simple and secure knotting
  • Economical use, as on good value spools 
  • Available in various strengths and lengths
  • Colouring: black
Applications of Supramid "black":
  • Skin closure
  • Ligatures
  • Adapting soft tissue
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