Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

Udder care, skin protection, pest control, wound care: our cleaning and care category covers all of these topics. As well as ointments and solutions for use on animals, you will also find skin care products for you as a doctor or medical professional here. Hoof care products are also presented here, as are pest-control agents. Powders, sprays and drops to fight and prevent flea, tick, mosquito and mite infestations.

Praxisdienst-VET offers cleaning and care products in a clearly sorted category. Are you looking for a product that you cannot find here? Contact our reliable customer service team. Our professionally trained customer advisors are ready to advise you correctly and find the product you desire.  

More categories with Cleaning and Care

  • Udder care Udder care

    Udder care takes high priority in dairy farming and veterinary medicine in general. You will find sprays and ointments for udder care here.

  • Skin Care Skin Care

    Popular skin care products for man and animal - available at Praxisdienst-VET at affordable prices.

  • Hoof Care Hoof Care

    In this section, Praxisdienst-VET offers pastes, oils and the necessary equipment to maintain and care for hooves!

  • Ointments and solutions Ointments and solutions

    Here you will find ointments and solutions for resale to animal owners or for direct use in the practice!

  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

    This category offers further useful products for the care of animals, such as cat litter trays and cleansing shampoos for dogs.

  • Pest control Pest control

    Order here now online: pest control products for man and animal.

  • Washing Lotions and Soaps Washing Lotions and Soaps

    Here, you will find lotions for preparing animals for operations, as well as cleansers and cleansing disinfectants for washing human hands.