The disinfection category includes a range of subcategories that contain the products for the various areas of disinfection. Here you will find affordable products from leading manufacturers for the disinfection of wounds, surfaces and instruments. There are also skin and hand sanitizers, and products for the combined cleaning and disinfection of burns. Disinfectant detergents and disinfection accessories are listed in separate categories so you can find your way around the shop quickly and effectively!

Purchase your disinfection equipment from Praxisdienst-VET at unbeatable prices! Buy great value protective gloves, brushes and various disinfectants for your veterinary clinic here.

More categories with Disinfectants

  • Detergent Disinfectants Detergent Disinfectants

    Practice laundry and pet blankets can be hygienically washed and disinfected using the detergent disinfectants on display, here.

  • Surface Disinfection Surface Disinfection

    From wipes and foam sprays to concentrates - Here, we offer a diverse range of surface disinfectants for use in veterinary medicine.

  • Antiseptics & Hand Sanitisers Antiseptics & Hand Sanitisers

    Here, you'll find a huge selection of skin antiseptics and hand sanitisers–perfect for veterinarians!

  • Instrument Disinfectants Instrument Disinfectants

    Buy instrument disinfectants in the form of liquid solutions, powders and disinfection sprays from Praxisdienst-VET.

  • Stable Disinfectants Stable Disinfectants

    This category contains cleaning agents and disinfectants for stables, barns and outdoor facilities.

  • Wound Disinfection Wound Disinfection

    In this category, you will find solutions, sprays, gels and pastes for wound disinfection and cleaning.

  • Accessories Accessories

    This section offers the complete range of accessories for the disinfection of practices and barns. As well as test tube brushes, you will also find dosing pumps here.