Gloves are one of the most frequently used support items in the veterinary practice. They protect both the wearer and patient and, depending on their use, are divided into protective gloves, examination gloves and surgical gloves. Veterinarians use examination gloves to protect against germs in examinations and when working in the laboratory; protective gloves, on the other hand, protect them from defensive animals; surgical gloves are sterile - they protect against germ transmission between doctor and patient.

Praxisdienst-VET offers a wide range of gloves to veterinarians and anyone who handles animals in their profession. We also offer glove dispensers, which allow for the easy removal of disposable gloves. Our online shop offers a great overview of all our products and easy online shopping!

More categories with Gloves

  • Glove Dispensers Glove Dispensers

    Browse handy dispensers for glove boxes that ensure hygienic removal of individual gloves.

  • Surgical Gloves Surgical Gloves

    Here, you will find sterile, single-use gloves for use in the operating room, packed in pairs; by various manufacturers.

  • Protective Gloves Protective Gloves

    Protect yourself effectively against defensive or prickly animals with our protective gloves!

  • Examination Gloves Examination Gloves

    In this category, you will find a virtually inexhaustible selection of examination gloves in different colours, sizes, materials and coatings.