Blood Collection

Blood Collection

Blood collection is used in veterinary medicine to diagnose illnesses and to monitor therapies. Substances dissolved in the blood provide information on organ functions, parasites and the quality and quantity of blood corpuscles.

In this category, you will find the specific utensils required for collecting blood from animals. Praxisdienst-VET offers blood sedimentation devices and vacuum bottles for bloodletting - the blood collection system category is also of interest, as it includes a range of blood collection tubes. The blood collection tubes (e.g. Monovettes, Sedivettes and Multivettes) are partially fogged with various anticoagulants. Others are supplied with an anticoagulant aid for better sedimentation.

Blood collection in small animal medicine is rarely performed using the vacuum or aspiration principle, as the blood vessels of small animals would collapse too quickly due to the low pressure. It is far more common to collect blood using the drip technique or capillary force. In the blood collection category, Praxisdienst-VET offers blood collection systems for various types of collection, with different coatings and suitable accessories, such as special cannulae to use with Monovettes, at very low prices.

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