Stripp-Quick Tourniquet 60 cm
Veterinary / Injections / Blood Collection / Tourniquets
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Stripp-Quick Tourniquet

The Stripp-Quick tourniquet is the classic tourniquet for animals. Thanks to the elastic rubber cord, the tourniquet sits securely on large and small animals - even on less stable limbs and extremities with a lot of fur. The Stripp-Quick tourniquet is used for blood collection, as well as for inserting Braunüle or other intravenous injections, and it can also be used as a tourniquet during amputations.


The Stripp-Quick tourniquet consists of a particularly robust, blue rubber cord and a metal clasp. It is tensioned simply by pulling the two rubber ends and can be released with one hand!


Product Details

  • Stripp-Quick Tourniquet
  • Made of blue rubber and a metal clasp
  • Used for blood collection, inserting venous catheters and amputations
  • Controls blood flow even in less stable legs and limbs with a lot of fur
  • Easy to use and disinfect
  • Available in two lengths

You may buy the blue Stripp-Quick tourniquet from Praxisdienst-VET, in one of two different lengths.

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Stripp-Quick Tourniquet 60 cm

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