Our needles category is divided into various subcategories to help you find the products you need. In addition to disposable hypodermic needles, i.e. polished cannulae that can only be used once, you will also find reusable hypodermic needles - also known as reusable cannulae - that can be sterilised after use and are therefore suited to regular use. Injection cannulae are used for medication mixtures, and irrigation cannulae for cleaning cavity wounds. Vets will also find safety cannulae, venipuncture equipment and venous catheters, as well as the appropriate stylets in our needles category!


Hypodermic needles are used by vets for injections, blood collection and biopsies on small and large animals. We supply needles in all shapes and sizes to help you find the right ones for your needs. Can't find the needles you need? Contact us by Live Chat, telephone or e-mail - we're happy to help!

More categories with Needles

  • Single-Use Cannulae Single-Use Cannulae

    Here, you will find disposable hypodermic needles that are suited for blood collection and injections in veterinary medicine.

  • Butterfly Needles Butterfly Needles

    In this category, you will find butterfly needles and venipuncture cannulas for use within veterinary medicine.

  • Irrigating Cannulas Irrigating Cannulas

    Browse our supply of irrigating cannulas for use in the veterinary clinic.

  • Reusable Hypodermic Needles Reusable Hypodermic Needles

    View the selection of reusable hypodermic needles - available in various lengths and diameters.

  • Safety Needles Safety Needles

    Safety needles: disposable hypodermic needles with a mechanism that protects against needlestick injuries.

  • IV Catheters IV Catheters

    You can find intravenous catheters for use with animals, as well as the appropriate stylets, in this category.