Hypojet Disposable Cannulas for Large Animals 17G x 2 (1.5 x 50 mm)
Veterinary / Injections / Needles / Single-Use Cannulae
Art. No.: 191525
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/hypojet_rot_191525_1.jpg Hypojet Disposable Cannulas for Large Animals
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  • Cannulas made from non-rusting stainless steel
  • With silicon coating and 3x diagonal cut
  • Polypropylene cone, Luer-Lock connector
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Hypojet Disposable Cannulas for Large Animals

The Hypojet disposable cannulas from Génia are specially conceived for large animal medicine and allow for intramuscular injection procedures in horses, cattle and other large animals.
The 3x diagonally whetted cannula tip and the silicon coating provide the Hypojet cannulas with a low-pain injection and minimal tissue trauma.

Product Details 

  • Hypojet Disposable Cannulas 
  • Special for large animal medicine
  • Needles made from non-rusting steel
  • With silicon coating
  • 3x diagonal edge
  • Colour-coded polypropylene cone
  • Luer-Lock connector
  • Available in various sizes
  • 1 pack contains 100 pieces
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