With this category branch, Praxisdienst-VET has fully specialised in its focus on veterinary surgeons as customers. For this reason, you will find syringes that are especially suited to injections and administering medications to animals, as well as for mass vaccinations of large farm animals. Our subcategories - "Disposable syringes", "Syringe pumps", "Jet injectors", "Drenchers" and "Vaccination guns" - provide a logical classification and give you a better overview for selecting and purchasing syringes.

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More categories with Syringes

  • Drenchers Drenchers

    Syringes for the oral administration of food supplements - especially suitable for goats, sheep, cattle and horses.

  • Jet Injectors Jet Injectors

    In contrast to syringes, jet injectors push medication under the skin without the use of a needle.

  • Disposable Syringes Disposable Syringes

    Here, you will find disposable syringes with or without cannulas, in various sizes and from different manufacturers.

  • Vaccination Guns Vaccination Guns

    Vaccination guns are syringes developed for mass vaccinations. They dose a defined quantity of vaccine and inject it through disposable or reusable cannulae.