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Art. No.: 191404 EAN: 4030996903296 AeroHippus
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  • Allows horses to inhale dosage aerosols
  • With universal size respiratory mask
  • Very easy application
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AeroHippus - Aerosol Chamber for Horses


The AeroHippus is an equine aerosol chamber designed to help horses with inflamed and recurring respiratory disorders (recurrent airway obstruction) inhale medicated aerosols. This aerosol chamber allows the horse to deeply inhale aerosols that it would not be able to inhale without the chamber due to the abrupt and rapid spray applications of the inhaler. 

The AeroHippus houses the aerosol in the chamber where it divides the rough particles that are usually deposited in the animal's mouth and nose from the finer ones that can penetrate deep into the lungs where they are needed. 

The AeroHippus mask is a universal mask developed so it can be used on foals and warmbloods. 


Product Details

  • AeroHippus, aerosol chamber for horses
  • To treat inflamed and recurring respiratory disorders 
  • Used with a dosage aerosol (from human medicine; not included in delivery!)
  • The aerosol is pumped into the chamber and can be slowly expelled from there
  • Flow-Vu indicator moves to show the animal's breaths
  • AeroHippus chamber made from unbreakable polymer 
  • Latex free 
  • Exhalation valve diverts exhaled air away from the horse
  • Delivery contents: AeroHippus with a respiratory mask in universal size (adapted to foals and warmbloods)



The AeroHippus is extremely simple to use. Ideally, you will slowly introduce the patient to the application of the mask to the nose. This can be done through conditioning.

Once the dosage aerosol has been inserted into the rear panel of the AeroHippus, gently shake the whole device. Press the inhaler once (the aerosol will now flow into the chamber) and gently pull the AeroHippus mask over one of the animal's nostrils. Ensure that the mask closes completely. The movements of the Flow-Vu indicator (green) show that the animal is breathing. Count the number of breaths and leave the mask on the animal's nostril for 3-5 breaths. Follow the inhalation medicine manual before repeating the process. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Can the AeroHippus be washed in a washing machine? 

No, the aerosol chamber should be rinsed by hand. However, this is quick and simple. Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions (included) when doing so. 

What aerosols can be used with the AeroHippus for different respiratory disorders? 

Generally speaking, dosage aerosols from human medicine can be used with the AeroHippus. However, a vet should decide which medicine to use for which scenario. They can use the manufacturer's dosage recommendations, given in the included PDF, for guidance. 

The AeroHippus should never be used without a vet's recommendation or without a prior veterinary examination of the animal!

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