Canis mobile, Dog Wheelchair Small
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0 Canis mobile, Dog Wheelchair
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  • Mobility aid for dogs and cats
  • Optimal support for hind leg paresis
  • Height and length adjustable
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Dog Wheelchair, Canis mobile


The Canis mobile dog wheelchair from Génia is a mobility aid for dogs (and cats, if necessary) that can be put into action for paralysis or paresis of the hind legs, for temporary immobilisation of the hind legs or for functional retraining after a slipped disk.
The wheelchair has a metal frame and is both height and lengthwise adjustable. The soft rubber wheels roll well; thus providing easy forward movement. 
You can order the Canis mobile dog wheelchair in 3 models for small medium or large dogs.


Product Details 

  • Canis mobile dog wheelchair
  • Offers optimal support for animals with loss of mobility in the hind legs 
  • Height and length adjustable
  • Adjustable carrier
  • Soft rubber wheels
  • With handle (to help the dog over curbs and stairs)
  • Offset axel lets the animal use his/her healthy legs
  • Welded, galvanised metal and aluminium frame
  • Available in various sizes
  • Also applicable for cats (please note dimensions!)

The Dog Wheelchair can be used for the following Ailments: 

  • Paralysis or paresis of the hind legs, particularly for German shephards, labradors, poodles, fox terriers etc.
  • Functional retraining after a slipped disk
  • Temporary immobilisation of the hind legs after operations or injuries, with necessity of a cast, splint 

Dog Wheelchair Sizes at a Glance

Model Chest Circumference
(measured behind front legs)
(measured between front and hind legs)
(waist height)
Small max. 41 cm  16 - 26 cm  17 - 27 cm 
Medium max. 66 cm  25 - 35 cm  24 - 38 cm 
Large max. 90 cm  35 - 50 cm  41 - 56 cm 
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