Air-One Ultrasonic Nebuliser for Horses Mains Operated | Hot Blooded
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Art. No.: 191108
Hippomed Air-One Ultrasonic Nebuliser for Horses
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  • Medical nebuliser for horses
  • Available for battery or mains operation
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty
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Air-One Ultrasonic Nebuliser for Horses

The second most common horse disease affects the respiratory system. Therefore, vets and horse owners use the innovative technology of the Air-One nebuliser - the only medical nebuliser in veterinary medicine for prophylactic and acute therapy.
A lot of thought has gone into the development of the Air-One inhaler: the lid of the nebuliser pot offers optimum access to the flexible breathing tube which is easy to slide if the horse has an emergency or is panicking. The well thought-out air supply with a stack effect in the respiratory mask significantly facilitates inhalation and excess vapour is fed back to the nebuliser pot using condensation; thus, avoiding the loss of excess medication. 
To ensure the medication is inhaled into the smallest alveoli of the lungs, it needs to be very finely nebulised. The particle size during continuous operation of the Air-One nebuliser remains constant between 0.47 and 6 µmm; at max. 15 ml/minute, the nebulisation rate is very high and superior to any other device. 
The Respiratory Mask 
Specially designed for horses, the Air-One respiratory mask is transparent and is designed with removable silicone rubber on the upper side. This rubber is soft, smooth and thoroughly seals. The retention basin of the mask collects any excess mucus produced; the fresh air supply through both valves can be infinitely adjusted. These valves are easy to remove and ideal to clean. The Velcro fastening head band means that the mask can also be well adjusted to the individual horse being treated. 
Supplied with the Air-One Ultrasonic Nebuliser
  • Air-one nebuliser
  • Adaptable inhalation mask with silicone seal for horses
  • Head band for the mask
  • Elastic connecting tube
  • Wall bracket for the nebuliser
  • Contact fluid
  • Disinfectant concentrate
  • 30 units volume, medication nebuliser pot
  • Measuring cup
  • Protective transport container
  • Detailed information brochure with operating instructions
Product Details
  • Air-one inhaler for horses 
  • Highest nebulisation rate (max. 15 ml/minute)
  • Smallest particles in continuous operation (0.47 - 6 µmm)
  • Very easy to use
  • With inhalation mask - available for hot blooded or cold blooded horses
  • Splash-proof device
  • Shock-resistant housing
  • Continuous air supply
  • Safety nozzle
  • Removable valves
  • Easy clean
  • Transparent mask (tube slides easily in panic situations)
  • Clear control panel
  • Switches on and off by pressing a button
  • Fault indication for low water level or overheating
  • Choice of mains or battery-operated version
  • Weight of both models: approx. 6 kg
  • Power consumption of both models: 700 mA
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Air-One ultrasonic nebuliser only used for horses? 

Yes, the Air-One nebuliser was specially developed for horses and the mask included is designed specifically for horses. Do you need a smaller mask to use on smaller horses? Contact us for more information. If you contact us, you will have the option of ordering the Air-One with a smaller mask. 

Which medicines can be used with the Air-One nebuliser? 

The manufacturer recommends herbal preparations (Pulmostat liquid, Art. No. 191463). However, other substances can also be nebulised with the Air-One. Essential oils should not be inhaled. 

How do you clean and disinfect the Air-One? 

The Air-One nebuliser is supplied with a spray disinfectant that produces an ideal hygienic state after just 20 minutes' exposure time. The valves can be removed from the respiratory mask for individual cleaning. The exterior of the Air-One can simply be cleaned with detergent.

How should the nebuliser be installed? 

The delivery contents include a wall bracket so that the nebuliser can be fixed to the wall of the tethering yard. Experience shows that the device should hang at about chest-height, although variations are possible (according to the horse, the depth of respiration etc.). If the device cannot be attached to a fixed place, the Air-One can be placed on a table. 

Is the Air-One nebuliser also suitable for ponies? 

As the respiratory mask should be as tight as possible around the bridge of the horse's nose, it depends on the size of the pony. For nebulisation of small ponies, it is possible to order the Air-One with a smaller mask. Please contact our customer service team if you need more information. 

Does the battery-operated model make it possible to use the Air-One nebuliser on the move? 

No. The Air-One battery only permits usage without a power cord; it cannot be used on a moving horse. 

Does the inhalation pot need to be changed after every treatment with the Air-One nebuliser

No. The inhalation pot can be used for several treatments. 

How long is the battery operation time of the battery-operated Air-One nebuliser? 

There is no precise answer to this question, as the battery operation time depends on the individual treatment of each horse. As a guideline, a fully-charged battery can be used for 2-3 applications or over a period of approx. 1.5 - 2 hours. 

Can the mains-operated Air-One be transformed into a battery-operated Air-One? 

No, the devices cannot be transformed and must be used as described. 

Can the batteries be removed and replaced? 

Yes, the 4 firmly integrated batteries can (individually or collectively) be removed and replaced by the manufacturer's technicians. As the batteries have a long-life, this is rarely necessary. 

Can the Air-One battery be charged during use? 

Yes, that is theoretically possible; however the voltage is not sufficient to fully charge the battery. Therefore, the Air-One should not be used when charging. 

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