Katkor Special Cat Litter 1 bag
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  • Made of copolymer
  • Does not absorb liquid
  • Does not contain organic components
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Katkor Special Cat Litter


Katkor, the copolymer cat litter, is suitable for the simple collection of urine and stool samples from cats. It is easy to use, does not change the composition of the urine and allows for high-quality, laboratory diagnostic examinations.

Each bag of Katkor comes with a pipette and a slim vessel for easy urine collection.

Product Details

  • Katkor special cat litter
  • Made of copolymer
  • Doesn't absorb any liquid - ideal for the collection of urine and stool samples from cats
  • Very easy and painless to handle
  • Can be used in the veterinary ward or by the pet owner
  • Doesn't contain any organic components
  • Doesn't change the composition of the sample
  • Very high urinary recovery
  • Each bag contains 1 pipette and 1 collection tube with a lid
  • Delivery contents: one 200 g bag or one pack of six 200 g bags

Application of Katkor:

  • Thorough cleaning of the litter tray: rinse well - there must be no traces of cleaning agents on the walls! Dry the litter tray with crepe paper.
  • Fill with Katkor. The number of bags required depends on the cat.
  • After the cat has urinated, collect the urine using the pipette supplied with the Katkor and transfer it to the supplied sample tube.
  • The urine should be processed as quickly as possible. In the meantime, store it in a cool place.
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do if my customer's cat doesn't want to go on the Katkor?

If the examination is urgent and the cat stubbornly refuses to use a litter tray filled with Katkor, the tray can be filled with Katkor and as little of its usual litter as possible, if absolutely necessary. You should ensure that the different types of litter do not get mixed before the cat enters the litter tray. With a bit of luck, there will still be some urine to suck up. However, this method is only to be used in an emergency and is in no way recommended, as it is uncertain whether the urine is altered by the brief contact with the regular litter, or if it will be soaked up completely.

Can Katkor be cleaned?

No, Katkor is a disposable aid for the collection of urine samples and should be disposed of after a single use. Detergent remnants and other build-ups on the individual balls may distort the urine test results.

How much Katkor needs to be poured into the litter tray?

The filling amount depends on the size of the litter tray, as well as the cat and its preferences. However, as cats would rather urinate in a litter tray that doesn't meet their expectations than another place in the room, the litter tray doesn't need to be filled to the normal level. It should be enough for the cat to have a thin base for scraping.

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