PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge
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0 PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge
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PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge

The PrO-VetPCVs is a high-quality veterinary centrifuge that not only stands out due to its four defined programmes, but also due to its two exchangeable rotors, which transform it from a haematocrit centrifuge to a serum centrifuge in the blink of an eye! 
The PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge by Centurion Scientific is very easy to operate, impresses with functions such as the automatic cover lock, the four different and easy-to-select programmes per rotor, and its very quiet operation. 
Product details
  • PrO-VetPCVs veterinary centrifuge
  • Includes 2 rotors: Rotor 5401 - Programmes: Haematocrit, serum (2x), urine | Rotor 5408 - Programmes: Serum (3x) and urine 
  • Easy to use: defined centrifuge programmes (vary depending on the rotor in use)
  • Programmes for haematocrit, serum, urine 
  • Flat surfaces: easy to clean 
  • Stainless steel dish
  • Quality: Made in Britain
  • Very quiet operation: < 60 dB 
  • High safety standard: automatic cover lock, protection against motor overheating 
  • Centrifuge only starts when the lid is closed
  • Rotors can be autoclaved (121 °C)
  • Intuitive operation
  • LEDs indicate active programme
  • Wattage: 125
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 x 35 cm
  • Weight without rotor: 12.8 kg
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 3 years
Rotor 5401 - Haematocrit, serum, urine
  • Capacity: 24 capillaries or 12 x 2 ml 
  • Tube size: max. 2 x 75 mm or 11 x 40 mm
  • Max. speed: 12,000 RPM 
  • Max. RCF (G): 13,500 
  • Angle: 0°/60°
Rotor 5408 - Serum, urine
  • Capacity: 8 x 15 ml
  • Tube size: max. 17 x 120 mm
  • Max. speed: 6,000 RPM 
  • Max. RCF (G): 3,500
  • Angle: 30° 
The PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge comes with both 5401 and 5408 rotors, a haematocrit template, capillary sealing putty, mains adapter and a user manual. 
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PrO-VetPCVs centrifuge

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