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The clicker is the aid used in clicker training, a method of non-violent dog training. The animals, mostly dogs, but also cats, horses, dolphins, other pets, zoo and circus animals, are conditioned to the sound of the clicker. The clicker acts as a bridging signal prior to the reward and so becomes a little reward in itself. It provides a precise reward. This is crucial for the success of training. 
The clicker is used to teach tricks, to occupy zoo animals and pets, and for target training. The clicker is used for 'medical training' for zoo and circus animals, as well as for timid dogs: a type of training that is practised in veterinary examinations and treatments. 
Product details
  • Clicker
  • For clicker training
  • For dogs, cats, horses and pets
  • Non-violent dog training
  • 1 pce.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Clicker?

The Clicker assist in the training of animals. It's mostly constructed of plastic with a small metal disk on the inside, which emits a clicking sound when squeezed and released.

How can a device such as the Clicker be helpful in the training of timid dogs?

As many animals learn through conditioning, the Clicker will prove useful, after only a few training sessions, and motivate the animal to be more creative, take initiative and enjoy training. The "click" from the Clicker should be linked with the positive reinforcement of food, treats or games, and from that point forward, will be associated with the following reward, while arousing a feeling of joy in the animal. Thanks to the Clicker, animals gladly and willingly train without force or pressure.

Which animals can be trained with the Clicker? 

Theoretically, all mammals can be trained with the Clicker. There are books for training with dolphins, a famous author and dog trainer who also trains her chickens by clicking, and a number of animal trainers for films, circuses and zoos, who train various animals with the Clicker.

There are even reports of successful clicker training in reptiles.

Which traits can the Clicker inspire in Animals?
  • Creativity
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Persistance
  • Stamina
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Motivation


Otherwise, the Clicker promotes the bond and trust between the trainer and the animal. 

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