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Probicol-K Paste

As newborn calves do not yet have a fully constituted immune system, the immune globulins ingested through the colostrum protect them from early illnesses. However, this provision is often not sufficient, which is why Probicol-K offers an important aid to the breeding of strong and healthy calves.
  • The high proportion of immune globulins in the colostrum prevents immune deficiencies and infectious diseases (such as diarrhoea).
  • Probicol-K makes the prophylactic administration of antibiotics in the first hours of life redundant. 
  • The intestinal flora are stabilised (e.g. after an unavoidable administration of antibiotics) by the addition of probiotic bacteria. 
  • Also suitable as a nutritional breeding aid, especially for weak and underweight calves. 
  • Calves are given quick energy through glucose.
  • Vitamins encourage the development of defences.
  • Lecithin improves the digestion of lipids and supports cellular development.
Feeding recommendations for Probicol-K 
  • 1 injector directly after birth (before the first colostrum feed) to colonise the intestines with positive bacteria and to support the immune system
  • For weak calves, 1 injector on both the 3rd and 7th days
  • For signs of diarrhoea, 1 injector morning and evening
6 x 20ml injectors of Probicol-K Paste
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