B-oral Liquid
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B-oral Liquid

B-oral liquid is a liquid vitamin B concentrate for calves for short-term vitamin substitution. It is used by vets as well as directly by farmers.
B-oral liquid can be used to meet nutritional needs quickly in the following cases:
  • Acute deficiency caused by flu, meteorism, digestive disorders, cerebrocortical necrosis and other debilitating diseases 
  • Insidious malnutrition characterised by loss of appetite, stunted growth and poor weight gain 
  • As a source of vitamins to be added to electrolyte solutions
Dosage of B-oral liquid (per 250 kg KGW):
  • For insidious nutrition-related vitamin deficiencies, 10 ml daily
  • To treat malnourished animals, 10-20 ml 2x daily
  • As a boost of vitamin B, 30 ml
  • To enhance electrolyte solutions, 5 ml per meal
You can buy B-oral liquid in 200ml plastic bottles from Praxisdienst-VET. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can B-oral liquid also be used on other animals? 

No, B-oral is specifically developed for calves. 

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