Probicol-F Liquid
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0 Probicol-F Liquid
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Probicol-F Liquid

Supplying piglets with sufficient colostrum and vitamins is especially important in the first weeks, as piglets do not yet have an adequate immune system. Probicol-F Liquid is therefore an excellent solution to remedy immune deficiencies and prevent infectious diseases (such as piglet diarrhoea); it also makes the prophylactic administration of antibiotics redundant.
Further benefits of Probicol-F liquid:
  • stabilises intestinal flora
  • quickly increases resistance
  • vitaminised colostrum with immune globulins and probiotics actively protect against digestive disorders
  • strengthens the immune system; stabilises physiological digestion
Dosage for Probicol-F liquid
1 pump stroke = 2 ml, administer immediately after birth. At the first signs of diarrhoea, administer 1 pump stroke = 2 ml orally with the piglet dosing cup every morning and evening until the diarrhoea subsides.
Probicol-F Liquid is supplied in 250ml bottles without a dosing feeder. You will find adapted dosing feeders in Accessories. 
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