Rodent Vit C 10 ml
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EAN: 4040056002920 Rodent Vit C
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Rodent Vit C

Like humans, guinea-pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C. This vital vitamin must be ingested through food. In some cases, however, guinea-pigs require vitamin C to be administered in drops, for instance when administering certain medicines or in times of increased needs, such as pregnancy or illness. Rodent Vit C by cdVet can be used for all rodents and is simply administered through the drinking water. 
Product details
  •  Rodent Vit C
  •  Vitamin C, e.g. for guinea-pigs 
  •  Drops for drinking water 
  •  A supplement in cases of deficiency, illness, pregnancy, avoidance of food rich in vitamin C
Composition: Mix of flavourings that improve the smell or taste of the feed: 35,000mg per kg, vitamins, provitamins and chemically-defined substances with a similar effect: 50,000mg, carrier: drinking water, fruit vinegar
Feed recommendations: 2-5 drops per 20 ml drinking water Change water daily.
Rodent Vit C is supplied in 10ml and 50ml bottles. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Are vitamin C drops essential for guinea-pigs? 

Yes and no. Normally, guinea-pigs will ingest vitamin C through their food. However, there are certain conditions when rodents require an additional supply of vitamin C drops. If the animal is avoiding eating vegetables, is pregnant or ill, it can be helpful to feed it additional vitamin C. Please note: The administration of certain medicines can also require an extra supply of vitamin C. Please read the relevant packaging documents for more information. 

How do I administer the drops? 

Simply trickle Rodent Vit C into the drinking water daily. The manufacturer recommends 2-5 drops per 20 ml water. Vitamin C is very sensitive and can be destroyed by oxygen and daylight. Rodent owners should therefore change the water every day. 

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