Trovan Transponder
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Art. No.: 191302
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  • Microchip for the Trovan system
  • Contains globally unique code
  • Delivered in a single-use cannula without injector
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Trovan Transponder


Trovan® is one of the first transponder systems for animals. Today, it is mainly used in research facilities and is suitable for electronic identification of animals. 

The Trovan transponder is a micro-transponder the size of a grain of rice, which is injected under the skin of an animal and which contains a globally unique, tamper-proof code of numbers/letters. The Trovan transponder can be read by a compatible reader; in this way, animals can be positively identified.


Product Details for the Trovan Transponder

  • Trovan transponder
  • Electronic identification system for animals
  • Contains a globally unique, tamper-proof code 
  • Passive - is only activated by the electromagnetic waves from the reader
  • Individually sterile packed, inside an injection needle
  • Can be injected without putting pressure on the tissue
  • Cannula with Luer-lock connector and special double bevel, non-rusting
  • Cannula size: 2.6 mm external diameter x 55.5 mm length
  • No puncturing of the tissue, gentle injection using a special technique
  • Quick deployment in optional injector
  • With stylet, allows for the safe injection of the transponder
  • Transponders each supplied in a disposable cannula
  • Injector not included - choose disposable or reusable injectors from accessories


Technical Data for the Trovan Transponder

  • Total dimensions: diameter approx. 2.12 mm, length 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • Material: bio-glass
  • Max. reading distance: 15 cm (dependent upon the reader) 
  • Protection type: IP 68
  • Data content: 64 bit
  • User data: 39 bit
  • Code: ROM, laser programmed, read-only
  • Scan angle: spherical
  • Transmission time: 129 µs/bit or 7.75 kBaud


Practical tip: In addition to making a note on the customer's file at the veterinary practice, it is also recommended to register the animal/transponder in a free pet directory that stores the pet owner's details and the transponder code. 

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Trovan Transponder
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