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Modern flatscreen X-ray film viewer on Praxisdienst.com

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X-ray tubes are a thing of the past- the modern flat screen X-ray film viewers with TFT-LCD technology is the future. Traditional X-ray film viewers with fluorescent light tubes illuminate the surface unevenly, use a large amount of electricity and have only a limited lifespan. Furthermore, integrated tubes take up a large amount of space, the instruments can be clumsy and they no longer belong in the modern practise.

This is not the case with an X-ray film viwer with TFT-LCD technology. Its evenly spread and flicker-free illumination, glare-free light, low electricity use and extremely long lifespan are only a few of its many advantages. Due to its depth of 2.5cm and its modern, flat-screen appearance, the X-ray film viewer with TFT-LCD technology is an attention-grabbing instrument in every practise.

X-ray viewers are available in two sides, 36 or 72 Watts. If you are now thinking that this new technology is unaffordable, you will be surprised. The price for this extremely modern TFT-LCD technology is no more expensive than a machine with traditional illumination tubes.