ADAPTIL® Anti-Stress for Dogs

Natural stress reduction in dogs with the help of dog-appeasing pheromones.

Stress Relief for Dogs

Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend and are one of the most popular pets worldwide. Over the years, they have adapted to living closely with humans and these loyal companions are often considered as full-fledged family members. 

Despite the closeness that dogs have developed with humans over the years, modern life presents them with numerous challenges that can impede their ability to adapt. Even minor changes that we might not notice can cause stress in dogs, as they perceive countless unfamiliar situations, sounds, and scents as potential triggers.

Stress in dogs can lead to undesired behaviour. They can become anxious, frightened, or even aggressive. To alleviate such situations, an appropriate calming aid can offer relief.


ADAPTIL® - Natural Stress Reduction for Dogs

ADAPTIL® natural calming aids for dogs are a popular, vet-recommended and drug-free solution that helps your dog feel more relaxed by sending comforting messages via synthetic feel-good pheromones.

The relaxation pheromone released by ADAPTIL® products is a synthetic copy of the dog-appeasing pheromone (D.A.P) produced by mother dogs after giving birth to provide a feeling of security and comfort to their puppies. This pheromone has been clinically proven to have calming effects not only on puppies and young dogs but also on adult dogs.

The odourless signals emitted by Adaptil® products send a powerful message of security and comfort, enhancing your dog's overall sense of well-being and providing constant support during stressful everyday situations.

The ADAPTIL® Diffuser is a plug-in device that emits synthetic particles that mimic natural, anxiety-fighting canine pheromones. This helps your dog feel safe and comfortable even when alone at home. It can also be an ideal support for dogs that have just moved into a new home, providing a sense of well-being from the very first moment.The synthetic pheromones used in the ADAPTIL® products on this page are undetectable by humans and do not have any adverse effects on other pets such as cats residing in your home. They are exclusively designed for dogs.


Relaxation Made Easy

ADAPTIL® offers a range of calming aids, including a plug-in diffuser, a collar for permanent use, and a spray for transport and on-the-go, all of which can be quickly and easily used to help keep your dog calm and relaxed at all times.

ProductEffective for:Application
Diffuserapprox. 4 weeks for up to 70 m² living spaceAt home, at the vet's, staying home alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, new flatmates, promoting well-being
Collarapprox. 4 weeks with continuous useContinuous use, travelling, staying home alone, boarding kennels, dog school
Sprayapprox. 4 hoursTransport, travel, dog bedding
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