Creating a Cat-Friendly Veterinary Practice

Creating a Cat-Friendly Veterinary Practice

Caring for cats as patients presents distinct challenges in veterinary practices. Each step of their visit requires specialised instruments and aids, including protective gloves for safe handling, small animal scales for accurate weight determination, and glucometers for monitoring blood sugar levels. Explore our comprehensive overview to discover a range of practical and indispensable products designed specifically for cats.

Handling Aggressive & Fearful Cats

Cats, particularly stray animals brought in by animal welfare organisations, often exhibit a reluctance to be touched or caught. To facilitate examinations in such cases, the use of restraints becomes crucial. Fortunately, there is a host of equipment available that protect handlers from bites and scratches while ensuring the well-being of the animals is not compromised. Explore our range of practical aids designed to provide safe and effective restraint when examining cats.

Our selection includes a range of durable leather Protective Gloves for secure cat handling and a special Cage designed for safe injection administration. Moreover, creating a pleasant atmosphere right from the start is vital. You can use a Feliway Plug-In Diffuser in the treatment room which emits feline stress-reducing facial pheromones. This odourless and side-effect-free solution fosters a calming environment for cats in veterinary practices. Explore our range of essential equipment and stress-reducing solutions to optimise the care of feline patients.



Various instruments, devices, and aids are indispensable for performing comprehensive examinations, such as pre-vaccination assessments, initial kitten evaluations, or the precise identification of disease symptoms and their underlying causes. Taking a cat's temperature is often part of a routine examination. However, cats are often sensitive to rectal measurements, which can cause discomfort. To address this, we recommend utilising a Rapid Digital Thermometer. The thermometer provides results in just five seconds, minimising the duration of discomfort for the sensitive feline patients. Explore our range of essential instruments to streamline your cat examinations and ensure optimal patient care.

Rapid Veterinary Tests play a crucial role in obtaining critical information for diagnosing or ruling out specific diseases. In cats, infectious diseases like Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) can be swiftly identified within ten minutes using rapid tests. Additionally, veterinary laboratories offer quick and convenient detection of conditions such as Giardia infestation or urinary tract diseases. These tests provide valuable insights, enabling prompt and effective treatment.

Diagnostic Tests & Equipment for Cats

nal von Minden

FIV & FeLV Test

€ 54,90 net
€ 65,33 gross

Tourniquet Mini

€ 2,15 net
€ 2,56 gross

Beurer BY80

€ 49,90 net
€ 59,38 gross

Medi-Test Combi 10 VET

€ 29,60 net
€ 35,22 gross


Once a diagnosis has been established, it is crucial to initiate appropriate treatment. Certain medical devices have been specifically designed for the treatment of cats. In cases where Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is diagnosed and urinary tract irrigation becomes necessary, specialised bladder catheters for cats are used. These catheters are exceptionally compatible and feature a rounded tip with two lateral openings, ensuring optimal functionality and minimising discomfort for feline patients.

In the realm of feline surgery, specialised instruments have been developed to cater to the unique needs of cats. These include the Ovarotomy Hook, which is used to grasp the ovaries during neuter surgery. For professional dental treatment in cats, we stock a comprehensive veterinary Dental Set.

Veterinary Instruments for Cats

Hauptner & Herberholz

Ovarotomy hook for female cats

€ 10,65 net
€ 12,67 gross

Oxygen Therapy Cage

€ 419,00 net
€ 498,61 gross
Hauptner & Herberholz

Tattoo pliers for cats

€ 55,90 net
€ 66,52 gross

Urolene Feline Bladder Catheter

from € 4,13 net
from € 4,91 gross

On the Cat Ward

In certain cases, such as post-operative recovery, a cat may require an in-patient stay at the veterinary practice. To facilitate this, we provide a comprehensive selection of furniture and accessories to equip a separate cat ward. Our offerings include easy-care cages and quarantine boxes, cat litter trays, litter scoops, food bowls, as well as essential equipment like heat lamps and heat mats. These items are designed to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for the cat's well-being during their stay.

The Katkor litter in our shop is ideal for collecting urine samples from cats during their stay. Specifically designed to not absorb any liquid, it allows for easy collection of settled urine for further examination. For safe and hassle-free administration of tablets, we recommend the plastic pill dispenser in our range. This tool simplifies the daily medication routine for cats on the ward, ensuring a straightforward and painless experience. These aids contribute to the overall well-being and efficient care of cats during their time on the ward.

Ward Equipment


Pill Dispenser

from € 1,88 net
from € 2,24 gross

Quarantine Box

from € 449,00 net
from € 534,31 gross

Cat Litter Tray

€ 13,60 net
€ 16,18 gross
Reinvet Products

Katkor Special Cat Litter

from € 2,40 net
from € 2,86 gross

Stainless Steel Bowl

from € 1,29 net
from € 1,54 gross

Client Satisfaction

Once therapy has been successfully completed or needs to be continued, the cat is handed back to its owner and discharged home. It may be necessary, for example, to protect a fresh operation suture from soiling and licking. In this case, VetMedCare's Wound Protection Bodysuits offer optimal protection with maximum freedom of movement. These washable wound protection textiles can be cut to size and are available in a range of sizes and designs.

We also stock an assortment of glucometers for cats for regular monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients. By offering cat owners these blood glucose meters as well as supplementary food, brushes, combs and other accessories you can promote client satisfaction by ensuring they have access to everything they need to care for their pets effectively.

Pet Merchandise


Plucking Brush

€ 3,78 net
€ 4,50 gross

Cat Transport Box

from € 11,50 net
from € 13,69 gross
Trudell Medical International

AeroKat Aerosol Chamber for Cats

€ 62,70 net
€ 74,61 gross

Feliway Classic Spray

from € 9,49 net
from € 11,29 gross
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