Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease, which leads to an increased blood sugar level and other consequential diseases. There are two different types of the disease. Most diagnoses are type-2 diabetes, which is promoted by lack of exercise, obesity, aging or heredity.

Type-2 diabetes is almost always diagnosed through coincidence, due to the fact that the afflicted has absolutely no noticeable symptoms of the disease within the first few years. Only after a few years, when the blood glucose count has reached a high level, symptoms will set in, such as heavy water letting, increased thirst, increased susceptibility to infection or worsened wound healing. 

Diagnosis of the diabetes disease is carried out with the help of oral glucose tolerance tests or by determining the HbA1c value.

Diabetes can be treated, but not healed. Treatment is determined by the individual blood sugar levels and living conditions of the patients. For some patients, a simple change in diet and exercise is enough to bring the blood glucose into balance, whereas other patients require insulin. 

In this themed category, we would like to introduce you to interesting products surrounding the theme of diabetes mellitus, its diagnosis and treatment. Here, you will also find products for detecting consequential diseases, e.g. diabetic polyneuropathy.

Insulin Syringes

Insulin Syringes and Cannulas

Here, you will find special insulin cannulas and insulin syringes for injecting insulin, as well as safety syringes to help prevent needle stick injuries.

Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Readings at a Glance

The regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is essential for maintaining good blood sugar. At Praxisdienst, you will find a comprehensive range of precise and easy to operate blood glucose meters.

To the Blood Glucose Meters
Urine Test Strips

Urine Analysis with Diabetes

People with diabetes should be regularly tested for the presence of microalbuminuria, which is an early sign of kidney inflammation.


Early Detection of Polyneuropathy

At Praxisdienst, you will find various diagnostic instruments for testing temperature, pressure, vibration sensitivity and achilles/knee reflexes.

Neurological Diagnostic Instruments
Lancing Devices

Lancing Devices for Clean Blood Drawing

Whether on the finger tip or alternative body parts, such as earlobes or thumb tips - Praxisdienst offers you pricking aids and lancets for quick, low-pain blood drawing.

Pricking Aids and Disposable Lancets