Dog Grooming Accessories

Dog Grooming Accessories

Explore our range of dog grooming accessories, where we offer more than just coat care for dogs and cats. Our collection includes items for claw trimming, ear cleaning, and eye care. We have curated an extensive selection of products specifically tailored for your dog salon, ensuring you have everything you need to provide comprehensive grooming services.


Professional Grooming

In the world of dog owners, professional dog grooming has become the norm. From breed-specific clipping and trimming to tending to abandoned animals and meticulously combing hopelessly matted creatures, skilled groomers ensure every detail is handled with care and precision

A multitude of factors drives dog owners to seek the services of a professional groomer ranging from limited time, lack of expertise or confidence, elderly individuals unable to undertake the task themselves, or cases of neglected dogs in need of care being brought in by animal welfare. On this page, you can discover an array of grooming tools and products.


Pet Clippers for Full & Partial Clipping

Coat clipping is essential for dogs that lack an undercoat and do not shed. Without regular removal, their coats tend to become matted. This is particularly true for breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, and Black Russian Terriers. In some cases, animal shelters receive dogs with severely matted and neglected fur, requiring a complete shearing. Scissors may not suffice in such situations, making shearing the only viable option to remove the fur as much as possible.

It can also make sense to shear long-haired dogs in summer if they would otherwise suffer too much from the heat. However, it is crucial for the groomer to carefully assess whether using Animal Clippers to remove the coat is appropriate or if it would be more suitable to trim the coat with scissors. It's important to note that not every breed should undergo coat clipping. Dogs with an undercoat, in particular, should avoid clipping altogether, as it can result in irreversible and excessive shedding


Professional Grooming Scissors 

Hand-scissoring is sometimes preferable to clippers, as it allows for greater control and avoids altering the hair structure during regrowth. Using clippers on certain coat types can also lead to excessive curling or dullness. It's important to note the distinction between pet grooming and show grooming. Pet grooming caters to the customer's preferences, while show grooming adheres strictly to breed standards.

While conventional scissors are ideal for general hair shortening, modelling scissors are specifically designed to thin out dense coats. To ensure optimal user comfort and prevent fatigue, grooming scissors often feature rubberized eye rings and removable finger holders. These ergonomic enhancements prioritise a high level of comfort for the groomer during grooming sessions.


Brushes & Combs for Coat Care

Regular brushing and combing not only removes dead topcoat and undercoat but also prevents matting. Additionally, it stimulates blood circulation, promotes sebum production, and effectively removes dirt and small dander. By incorporating regular grooming sessions at home, dog owners can make visits to the grooming salon more enjoyable. Not only does it familiarise the animal with grooming routines, but it also reduces the need for the groomer to tackle tangled coats.

Discover a variety of Brushes and Combs tailored to different coat structures. Detangling combs are perfect for gently removing light tangles, while coat brushes, depending on the model, effectively detangle or brush out loose hairs. In addition to brushes and combs, groomers rely on Curry Combs or Thinning Combs. These tools allow for the removal of old, dead hair, including the hair root. Trimming not only aerates the skin but also stimulates blood circulation, enhancing the coat's structure and colour.

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