Fearful Patients in the Veterinary Clinic

Fearful Patients in the Veterinary Clinic

Encountering fearful patients is a common occurrence in veterinary practices, dog salons, and animal shelters. Here you will find helpful advice and useful products to make handling anxious cats and dogs as stress-free and safe as possible.


Anxious Patients in the Veterinary Practice

The fear of visiting the vet is a common experience for many animals, often stemming from negative associations or unfamiliar surroundings and smells. In some cases, the fear and stress may be influenced by the owner's own anxiety, which can be transferred to the animal. Every animal reacts differently to the fear and stress caused by a visit to the vet. While some cats extend their claws, some dogs urinate out of fear or start barking.

Apart from the proactive efforts pet owners can take to familiarise their pets with veterinary visits through careful and affectionate preparation, the approach of the veterinary team towards the animal plays a vital role. In addition to maintaining a calm, friendly, and yet assertive demeanor, rewarding the animal with treats during examinations and treatments can have a profoundly positive impact on the overall experience. By combining these strategies, both the pet's comfort and the effectiveness of the examination can be significantly improved.

To minimize the stress experienced by animals prior to treatment, it is beneficial to establish separate waiting areas for dog and cat owners. If complete spatial separation is not feasible, implementing room dividers can still offer a degree of privacy. By creating these designated areas, animals can feel more at ease, resulting in a more relaxed environment for both pets and their owners.

On this page, we present a range of products to assist you in examining and treating fearful and defensive patients in veterinary practices. Here, you will discover an assortment of aids including muzzles and protective gloves designed to protect against fearful and aggressive animals. Additionally, we offer nutritional supplements to alleviate stress-related conditions and transport boxes specifically designed for gently extracting fearful animals, thanks to their removable lid.

Calming Aids & Rewards


Calma, For Stress

€ 22,79 net
€ 24,39 gross

Rawhide Bones

from € 2,11 net
from € 2,51 gross

ADAPTIL® Transport Spray

from € 11,29 net
from € 13,44 gross

Feliway Classic Spray

from € 10,29 net
from € 12,25 gross

Animal Handling Equipment


Animal Gripping Forceps

€ 104,79 net
€ 124,70 gross

Grill muzzle

from € 4,29 net
from € 5,11 gross

Cat Restraint Bag

€ 27,29 net
€ 32,48 gross

Nylon muzzle

from € 5,29 net
from € 6,30 gross

Safety Gloves

€ 73,79 net
€ 87,81 gross
*All prices subject to VAT
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