The ultimate cat-calming product with natural feel-good pheromones to reduce stress, anxiety, and unwanted behaviour in your home.

Stress Reduction in Cats

Cats are considered to be very adaptable animals that make an excellent pet not only for families with a house and garden, but also for single households. Living with a cat has positive effects on our physical and mental health. American researchers found that petting cats triggers the production of stress-reducing hormones in our bodies.

These and other positive influences on our health have consistently positioned cats as the top choice among the most beloved pets for years. Around 12 million live in UK households alone.

However, cats are susceptible to stress in response to even minor changes. Visits to the vet, transportation and unfamiliar surroundings can trigger significant stress in your cat, ultimately impacting their overall well-being. This can lead to undesirable behaviours like scratching and urine marking on furniture and walls.

In such cases, calming aids can serve to mitigate stress, create a relaxed environment and provide respite for your four-legged friend. Discover Feliway Classic products at affordable prices and create a warm and pleasant environment where you and the cats in your houshold can all enjoy harmonious relationships with each other.


FELIWAY® - With Natural Feel-Good Pheromones

FELIWAY®'s popular calming products harness the effect of cats' facial pheromone to create a calming atmosphere in which cats feel comfortable and relaxed.

Feliway Classic releases a synthetic replica of the F3 feel-good pheromone, which promotes a sense of security, well-being, and overall calmness in cats. By utilising this pheromone, not only can undesired behaviours like scratching, hissing, and hiding be minimised, but they can also be prevented.

Feliway products offer a cat-friendly solution in the form of sprays and diffusers, ensuring easy, quick and reliable application. Say goodbye to the struggle of giving tablets to your cat. In addition, the use of Feliway Classic is absolutely safe for your cat and 100% free of side effects.


FELIWAY® Plug-In Diffuser & Transport Spray

To release the pheromone, simply plug the FELIWAY® diffuser into a socket. Within a few hours, an optimal concentration of pheromone is achieved in the room, which the cat can perceive. This effectively combats discomfort, stress, and fear, allowing your cat to feel at ease right from the moment of moving house. It also helps to reduce tension and conflicts between cats living in the same household. Take advantage of the Feliway Classic Happy Home Starter Set, which includes a diffuser, so that in the future, you'll only need to reorder the refill bottle. The 48 ml bottle lasts approximately four weeks with continuous use and covers a living space of up to 70 m².

The Feliway Classic Spray offers flexible and targeted application, making it an ideal choice for various situations, including transporting cats to the vet or while going on holiday. The Feliway Transport Spray enables your cat to travel as pleasantly and stress-free as possible. In addition, the spray can also be used at home on resting places, objects and furniture and relaxes cats after just a few minutes.

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