Register an Account as an NHS Organisation

It is absolutely no problem to place an order on behalf of an NHS institution. When registering your account, simply register under the name of your practice manager, purchaser, lead GP or however your office prefers. Then, you will find a section below titled, "Company/Doctor's Office"; this is where you will enter the name of your surgery, hospital, clinic, etc. From there, the process is quite simple. Fill out the rest of the form with the office address and VAT registration number (if applicable). That's it! 

Now you will have successfully created a Praxisdienst account, registered to your organisation. You may use this account for all future orders and you will never need to enter your information again. You will also be given a personal contact with whom you may discuss any questions regarding orders, products, etc. 

Clinical Waste Boxes

Clinical Waste Boxes

Sentinex Scrub Suit

Sentinex Scrub Suit



Urine Test Strips

Urine Test Strips

3M Littmann Stethoscopes

3M Littmann Stethoscopes


Sphygmo- manometers


Popular Products Among NHS Customers

Place an Order

NHS and business customers receive the same great benefits as all of our customers with the added benefit of the ability to order on account! Furthermore, if your office prefers to send purchase orders, then we will gladly accept them by email to 

Another fantastic benefit of registering your surgery or clinic with Praxisdienst is our convenient order alarm. This handy tool tracks the rate at which you burn through your consumables, for example, and makes suggestions on products and quantities for future orders. Learn more about the order alarm.

Of course, the simplest way to order is to use our online shop. Seek out the products you need, place them in your trolley and head to the checkout. Follow this link for full details on how to order.

Make a Payment

We offer NHS organisations, public institutions and business customers many convenient payment options. In addition to payment with credit card, we also accept payment via bank transfer, PayPal and payments on account–whichever your organisation prefers.
Note: we do not accept payment information over the phone. As an added measure of security, we do not accept credit card information or any other form of payment information over the telephone. If paying with a credit/debit card or PayPal, please place your order through the online shop.

On Account

Many NHS facilities, hospitals, universities and other public institutions pay for their orders by invoice once the products arrive. This practice is quite common and is the preferred method of payment for many organisations. Praxisdienst is happy to facilitate this payment method for qualifying customers. After collecting the products in your trolley and registering your account, simply select the payment method, "On account". After reviewing your order details for accuracy, select the final option, "Order with obligation to pay". You have now successfully placed an order on account. Please understand that we will review the order details to ensure that the order was indeed placed on behalf of a qualifying surgery, clinic or institution; therefore, detail accuracy is important.
Our standard terms of payment for orders on account are NET 10 days after receipt of the wares. If you feel you need more time, please contact us and we will work with you to facilitate payment within a reasonable time frame. Once you are ready to make the payment, you may send it to one of our bank accounts.

Bank Transfer (Prepayment) - 1% Discount

If your office prefers to take care of business before the goods are shipped, we will also happily accept payment in advance. Just as with above, this option is also available through the online shop. If you prefer to pay in advance, then we also provide you with an additional 1% discount! Prepayment must be made via bank transfer. 


When ordering through the online shop, we also offer you the convenience of an immediate transfer via PayPal. This ensures that the funds are received right away and the order can be processed immediately.

Credit Card

Another preferred method of payment is via credit card. If your surgery prefers to use a company credit card to pay for your orders, then you are more than welcome to do so. During the online ordering process, simply choose the payment option "Credit Card" and proceed. You will then be asked for credit card information at the end of the ordering process. Please understand that this option is currently only available for orders placed through the online shop. For your safety, we do not accept credit card information over the phone nor through email.  

Transferring Payment

When transferring funds for your order, please refer to the order number that we provided you so that we may more easily attribute payment to your account. Please also be sure to account for the 1-3 days transfer time needed by the banks. 
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