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Free SSB Service

In Germany many medical practice supplies (Sprechstundenbedarf, SSB) are reimbursable. We offer a comprehensive and completely free SSB Supplies Service.  Find out here how to order SSB supplies from us and how we support you in the process.

Our SSB Service

 Free of charge
 Free shipping without minimum order value
 Prescription printing service
 Expert telephone advice
 Free billing with the health insurance company
 Fast dispatch with top priority 
 SBB articles clearly marked as such in shop

Order SSB Supplies in 4 Simple Steps

Place your order

Place your order via the order form, the online shop with the new SSB function, e-mail or telephone - we will take your order and check that all items qualify as Sprechstundenbedarf. Download the order form here.

We write the prescription

We will prepare the SSB prescription for you and send it to you by post together with a prepaid envelope. All you have to do is authorise the prescription with a stamp and signature and return it to us using the prepaid envelope. 

You receive the goods

At the same time, we accept your order for processing and send the corresponding information to the warehouse. The consignment with the goods is packed with priority and sent free of charge. 

Authorisation & Billing

After receipt of the authorised SSB prescription, we take care of the billing with the relevant health insurance company. We offer this service completely free of charge.

The New SSB Function in the Shop

The new SSB function in the Praxisdienst online shop enables you to see at first glance whether an item can be billed as SSB supplies or not*. 

All relevant items are clearly marked with an ≫SSB≪ symbol (see picture, top right). When browsing a category customers can already see which products can potentially be accounted for under Sprechstundenbedarf. This makes it easier to decide which products to add to your shopping basket.  

In the shopping basket you will see an overview of how many items can potentially be billed as SSB supplies. In addition, we calculate the amount you save in total when billing these items as SSB supplies (see picture, bottom right).  

Customers who already have an account with us can easily unlock these new features. See below to find out how.

*The billing of SSB supplies is subject to recognition by the respective health insurance company and may vary depending on the federal state. In the absence of recognition, billing will take place.

Easy activation of the new SSB function in your customer account:

Open your Account Details (Kontodaten) either via the Overview (Übersicht) or via My Account (Mein Konto).

Open your address details (Adressdaten) via Add or Edit (Hinzufügen oder Bearbeiten). 

Now change your billing address in the customer details (Ändern). 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the doctor's number (LANR) and the facility number (BSNR). 

The new shop features can be enabled in an existing customer account in four simple steps. With a new registration, the doctor's number (LANR) and facility number (BSNR) can be entered directly into our SSB service. For customers who order as a guest, the new functions for ordering Sprechstundenbedarf are unfortunately not available.

Our SSB Ordering Specialists

Judith Schlöder

Nina Leikam

Duygu Baydar 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about our SSB service or SSB supplies in general? Our specialists will be happy to help. 

You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 07.30 and 17.30 via phone or e-mail. 

06502 91 69 43


FAQs SSB Supplies

FAQs about SSB Supplies

What are SSB supplies?

SSB supplies are medicines, dressings and other medical materials for medical practices which are used for more than one patient within the framework of statutory health insurance treatment or must be available for more than one statutorily insured person in emergencies. Sprechstundenbedarf is issued on prescription and the costs are covered by the relevant health insurance company. 


Which products are included in SSB supplies?

The definition of Sprechstundenbedarf can vary from one German federal state to another. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung) of each federal state negotiates contracts with the regional associations of health insurance companies with regard to the scope and supply channels of SSB supplies.

If you are not sure which products fall under SSB supplies in your federal state, you can simply send us a list of all the products you need by e-mail. Our SSB odrering specialists will check which articles on your list are classed as SSB and will issue the necessary prescriptions without delay. You will receive the SSB prescriptions by post, together with a prepaid return envelope. Once the prescriptions have been stamped and signed, simply send them back to us so that we can bill your SSB supplies to the health insurance company.


How do I write a prescription for SSB supplies?

If you send us a list of the products you need, you don't have to worry about writing the prescriptions, we'll take care of that for you, free of charge. All you have to do is stamp and sign the prescriptions and send them back to us in the enclosed prepaid envelope. 


How does billing of SSB supplies work?

At Praxisdienst, for example, we take care of the billing of SSB supplies and also submit billing documents on request. The entire process is free of charge for the doctor. 


How can I order SSB supplies?

Praxisdienst offers various ways to order SSB supplies. You can send us a list of the items you need by e-mail, place the order by phone or use our brand new order form. You can either fill out this form directly on your PC or print it out and fill it in by hand. Once you have entered the required number of items, send us the form either by e-mail or post - we will take care of everything else. 


What is the difference between practice supplies and SSB supplies?

Practice supplies are products that must be purchased by the doctor at his or her own expense. These include, for example, gloves, surface disinfectants, instruments or rapid tests. SSB supplies, on the other hand, are prescribed by the doctor and paid for by the relevant health insurance company. It is important that the SSB products are used for more than one patient who is covered by state health insurance. Doctors who only treat private patients cannot bill for this. In such cases they are referred to exclusively as practice supplies. 

*All prices subject to VAT
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