Orthopaedic Aids for Dogs

Orthopaedic Aids for Dogs

Discover the new Nature Pet aids for dogs and find the right product for your pet.

Dogs are considered to be man's most loyal companion and therefore receives a great deal of care from its owner. In order to support the dog in difficult life situations, Nature Pet offers an extensive range of orthopaedic aids that support and support both the animal and the owner. Whether due to post-operative restrictions or impairments in old age - here you will find the right product for every need such as carrying aids, bandages and other orthopaedic aids to improve your pet's quality of life.

Increased Quality of Life Thanks to Carrying Aids for Dogs

Dogs suffering from weakness of the hind legs, arthrosis, HD or post-operative restrictions often need support with movement by means of a carrier. These carriers help the dog to cope with everyday life if it can no longer stand up on its own or if climbing stairs suddenly becomes a challenge. They serve as a walking aid, stabilise the dog during movement and can prevent pain in the process. Furthermore, the carrying aids can be used for rehabilitation in the context of physiotherapy to support the dog in regaining its usual range of movement.

Depending on the condition and the area in which the animal is to be supported, different types of carrying aids can be used. Rear carriers support the dog's back, hips and hind legs. They are particularly suitable for dogs suffering from HD or cauda equina syndrome, for example. In addition, the rear carriers have anatomical hygiene cut-outs that allow both the female dog and the male dog to do their business while wearing the carrying aid.

Front carriers support the front legs as well as the chest area and can be used, for example, as an aid for degenerative myelopathies.

This type of walking aid has an anatomically shaped chest area that prevents the animal from slipping forward while walking on stairs. The carrying aids also offer relief for the owner, as they provide support while carrying the dog and at the same time relieve the strain on the back of the dog owner.

Nature Pet

Dog Front Lifting Harness

from € 38,99 net
from € 46,40 gross
Nature Pet

Dog rear Lifting Harness

€ 45,49 net
€ 54,13 gross
Nature Pet

Full Body Carrier for Dogs

from € 124,49 net
from € 148,14 gross

Bandages for Medical Fixation of the Joints

The medical bandages were specially designed for the joints of dogs to relieve or fix them, for example, in case of strains, instability, arthrosis or inflammations. Without restricting the mobility of the animal, the dog bandages can alleviate pain and effectively promote healing processes. The bandages can also be used prophylactically to counteract inflammation, injuries or overexertion of the joints. Dog bandages are primarily used for fast and active sports or to protect against injuries when training rescue dogs.

Nature Pet dog bandages are characterised by their high-quality material. The perforated neoprene of the bandages ensures air permeability of the bandages and thus prevents heat accumulation, skin irritations and sores. In addition, the shape of the bandage is constantly maintained and thus ensures a high level of support for the joints. The dog bandages are suitable for both temporary and permanent use on dogs.

Combined with a wound pad, the bandages can also be used as a (cast) bandage and allow a view of your dog's wound at all times. In addition to the front leg bandage, we offer tarsal joint bandages, the shoulder bandages and elbow bandages in various sizes.

Nature Pet

Medium Carpal Joint Brace

from € 28,29 net
from € 33,67 gross
Nature Pet

Shoulder Brace for Dogs

from € 66,79 net
from € 79,48 gross
Nature Pet

Elbow Brace for Dogs

from € 66,49 net
from € 79,12 gross
Nature Pet

Tarsal Joint Brace for Dogs

from € 30,29 net
from € 36,05 gross

Comfort and Flexibility with Nature Pet

All products are made of high-quality neoprene with a thickness of 4 mm and offer elastic and dynamic orthopaedic support for your dog. Selected products are made of perforated neoprene. The resulting air permeability ensures that no heat build-up occurs under the heat pants, for example.

Thanks to the ideal fit of the flexible material, pressure points and sores are effectively avoided. In addition, each product is produced in several sizes and made so that it can be individually adjusted to the appropriate size and the body contours of the dog by means of large Velcro fasteners or strap systems.

Heat pants are also a popular aid that can be used to protect female dogs from mating during heat, but also in case of incontinence. In addition, the heat pants have a sewn-in pocket on the inside that provides space for an insert, which additionally protects the trousers from soiling during heat. The pleasantly soft material of the protective pants provides your dog with a high level of wearing comfort, while the strong waist guide ensures a perfect fit. The special feature of these pants for dogs is that they allow female dogs to keep the pants on even while doing their business.

NaturePet in Everyday Life

Whether carrying aids, bandages, heat pants or other orthopaedic aids - all products can be optimally integrated into everyday life without any problems and provide a higher quality of life, especially for sick dogs. In addition, all Nature Pet aids can be washed at 40 °C.

Nature Pet

Dog Heat Pants

from € 23,49 net
from € 27,95 gross
Nature Pet

Dog Car Safety Harness

€ 43,29 net
€ 51,52 gross
Nature Pet

FlexiPander Dog Physio Harness

from € 84,29 net
from € 100,31 gross
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