Disposable Medical Gloves

Disposable Medical Gloves

Browse our massive selection of disposable medical gloves from exam gloves to protective gloves and up to surgical gloves.

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Disposable Medical Gloves

Disopsable gloves are among the most used consumables in medicine. Whether for patient examinations, for changing dressings or for analysing lab samples - disposable gloves protect the user against direct contact with potentially infectious germs. However, when it comes to disposable medical gloves, there is a difference between examination gloves, surgical gloves and protective gloves.

Examination gloves are used for all patient involved activities in surgeries and hospitals. Mostly, they are made of latex, vinyl or nitrile and available in different sizes, so as to provide optimal comfort. Usually, examination gloves are non-sterile and wearable on both hands.

Surgical gloves are sterile, disposable gloves that are used for invasive operations. These gloves are packed in such a way that they can be immediately put on by a surgical team, under sterile conditions. As operations call for high touch sensitivity, surgical gloves are also available in half sizes. Depending on the operation, surgical gloves can also be available with various specifications, such as with greater thickness or distinctive touch sensitivity.

Protective gloves especially come into use with cleaning work. These non-sterile, disposable gloves are mostly quite resistant to chemicals, so as to protect the user from the cleaning or disinfecting agents. There are also special, disposable gloves for handling cytostatics. These protective gloves are sterile and protect the user while preparing chemo therapeutics, for example.

Browse our large selection of disposable gloves and benefit from our graduated prices, which are available on many of our products.

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

Praxisdienst offers you a comprehensive assortment of sterile, disposable gloves for use in the operating theatre. Whether you need extra touch sensitivity or with an extra long sleeve - here, you will find the proper surgical gloves for every requirement.

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Exam Gloves

Exam Gloves

At Praxisdienst, you will find non-sterile, disposable medical gloves for patient examinations and treatments; not only in classic white, but also in many other great colours.

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