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Praxisdienst Local

Discover our growing assortment of high-quality protective equipment from local manufacturers. By choosing a product from our Praxisdienst Local series you are supporting the long-term security of supply, promoting the local economy and contributing to greater sustainability. What's not to like?

Praxisdienst Local - Think Global Act Local

The Covid 19 pandemic was a stark reminder of our dependence on imports, especially from Asia. The outsourcing of supply chains has left countries in Europe and the UK weak and vulnerable and procurement of medical protective equipment broke down at the height of the crisis. As a consequence, health facilities suffered dramatic shortages of life saving equipment.

As retailers we were faced with an unprecedented challenge: before the spread of Covid-19, we were able to order hygiene and protective equipment almost at will, but suddenly the available capacities were drastically reduced while their demand increased dramatically. This resulted in supply shortages for many products, some of which are still a challenge today.

Buy Protective Equipment Locally

To counteract supply chain dependency innovative companies in various locations across Europe have decided to bring protective equipment manufacturing back home. In some cases, new companies are being founded, and in many cases existing companies are repurposing their production lines with a lot of creativity and effort in order to be able to switch to the production of protective equipment

We are aware that the development of new products and switching production lines are associated with higher costs and can only be implemented meaningfully if there is a long-term commitment. It is precisely for this reason that the Praxisdienst Local initiative is committed to supporting resourceful companies that produce personal protective equipment locally.

Choose Sustainability

The food industry has known for a long time that locally and sustainably produced products cost a little more and that many of us are ready to pay a fair price for them. This is also applicable to medical products. Supplies that are produced in line with the high European production and social standards have a slightly higher price. However, the social and environmental benefits are more than worth it.

We Promise Fair Prices

Our promise: the products from the Praxisdienst Local initiative will be available at a particularly low surcharge. We deliberately waive a large part of our margin. We want the local companies to exist in the long term and prevent them from disappearing as soon as they aren’t supported by the public anymore. It is our goal continue to sell locally manufactured products at affordable prices.

Together we can help to ensure that dramatic supply shortages like the ones we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic never happen again.

Why Products from Praxisdienst Local?


  • You will receive a high-quality product that has been manufactured in compliance with strict quality and safety standards.


  • Local production equals local transport. There is no need for costly and environmentally damaging shipments or freight transports. Moreover, your product is manufactured in accordance with the high European environmental standards.

Contribution to Supply Security

  • By choosing Praxisdienst Local, you contribute to the plan that system-critical products can be produced locally in the long term. This way, you support supply security and reduce our dependence on imports from far away.

Fair Price-Performance Ratio

  • For us, local production is worth a particularly narrow price calculation. You get the best possible price that allows fair conditions for local manufacturers.

Strengthening of the Local Economy and SMEs

  • Locally produced goods strengthen the local economy, the added value remains in the region and you contribute to maintaining jobs. As an owner-managed company, the support of small and medium-sized companies is very important to us.
How We Support Local Manufacturers

Access to Customers in All Of Europe

  • By choosing Praxisdienst, you are choosing one of the leading online shops for medical professionals that is available in 7 languages and supplies all of Europe. Additionally, our marketing department supports the commercial success of your product with help of custom-made campaigns.


  • In order to successfully launch a new product, functional and attractive packaging are a must. We have experience in packaging and will assist you.


  • We will show your product in the best light and create pictures in our photo studio if necessary. Our knowledgeable product managers and editors will describe your product and bring attention to its many qualities.


  • In our over 7,000m² large, partly automated warehouse, we handle more than 20,000 products. In two shifts, our logistics department makes sure that your product is dispatched without delays.

You are a local manufacturer for PPE and want to market your product with us? We are looking forward to your e-mail!

Our Local Manufacturers

Hôpitaux Robert Schuman

With the spread of the cororona pandemic, the Luxembourgish hospital association Hôpitaux Robert Schuman quickly realized how dependent we are on Asian countries in regards to the procurement of surgical masks. Thus, they decided to set up their own mask production in Luxembourg in order to be prepared for future health crises. The new production facility, which is operated by Hôpitaux Robert Schuman’s subsidiary “Santé Services”, has the capacities to supply the entire region. Moreover, the certified masks are made entirely of materials of European origin, with the exception of the elastic band. Praxisdienst supplies these locally produced masks and is happy to take care of the design and production of their packaging.

Mask production by Hôpitaux Robert Schuman in Luxembourg

Inauguration of the mask production facility with the Luxembourgish prime minister Xavier Bettel.

The production manager explains the details of the mask production at the production site in Gasperich, Luxembourg (both videos are in French).

GCL International

In March 2020, GCL International, who is traditionally a manufacturer of caps for the beverage industry, decided to produce and donate face shields using 3D printing. The company has since dispensed no less than 15,000 shields to hospitals in Luxembourg, France and Italy. Other institutions quickly expressed their interest in the production and they decided to industrialise the production “Made in Luxembourg”. The main components and the packaging of the face shields have since been manufactured in Foetz, Luxembourg. Praxisdienst contributed the design of the packaging.

In spring 2020, Johannes Wagner, the founder and managing director of the design furniture manufacturer conmoto recognized the need for hygiene solutions and disinfectant dispensers that not only fulfilled their purpose, but also provided long-term solutions due to their high quality and excellent design. He founded the brand and developed high-quality hygiene stations and disinfectant dispensers in cooperation with renowned design studios like Sieger Design. The hygiene columns are mainly made of FSC and PEFC-certified compact density fibreboard (CDF). The materials are easy to clean and therefore particularly hygienic. All products are produced in the in-house factory in Germany, near Munster.



Under the brand WellisAir, the Spanish manufacturer airtècnics that belongs to the Rosenberg group, designs and produces air and surface disinfectants near Barcelona. To produce the units, the manufacturer uses the know-how and experience that has already been gained during previous epidemics, such as SARS-CoV-1. The disinfection process makes use of hydroxyl radicals and has been proven to be harmless to human beings.


Lena Lighting

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality illumination systems, the polish company Lena Lighting has been known for many years. Upon request by a local hospital at the start of the pandemic, Lena Lighting used their know-how in the field of UV-C illumination in order to produce devices for air and surface disinfection that can be used in healthcare as well as public facilities.

Local Products at Praxisdienst

Product Overview

Microbial Cleaners from Provilan


DENAA+ Odour Remover

zł 40,41 net
zł 48,09 gross

DENAA+ Floor Cleaner

zł 42,59 net
zł 50,68 gross

DENAA+ Spittoon Cleaner

zł 30,41 net
zł 36,19 gross

DENAA+ Suction Cleaner

zł 223,98 net
zł 266,54 gross

DENAA+ Sanitary Cleaner

from zł 36,06 net
from zł 42,91 gross

DENAA+ Floor Cleaner (Machine)

zł 277,49 net
zł 330,21 gross
Product Overview

Microbial Products for Veterinary Medicine


LUCAA+ Probiotic Dermo Care

zł 44,76 net
zł 53,26 gross

LUCAA+ Probiotic Ear Care

zł 44,76 net
zł 53,26 gross

LUCAA+ Probiotic Dental Care

zł 40,41 net
zł 48,09 gross

LUCAA+ Probiotic Eye Care

zł 29,54 net
zł 35,15 gross

LUCAA+ Probiotischer Surface Cleaner

from zł 64,34 net
from zł 76,56 gross
Product Overview

CleaningBox Products


CleaningBox DesiMops

zł 140,46 net
zł 167,15 gross

CleaningBox DesiMops 360°

zł 141,33 net
zł 168,18 gross

CleaningBox Wipe Set II

zł 136,98 net
zł 163,01 gross

Velcro Adaptor Pad

zł 44,76 net
zł 53,26 gross
Product Overview

Hygiene & Desinfection Station III

from zł 1.258,41 net
from zł 1.497,51 gross Station I

from zł 4.760,16 net
from zł 5.664,59 gross
Grüber und Lösenbeck

Hygiene Tower

zł 782,09 net
zł 930,69 gross

UV-C Sterilon Flow

from zł 997,41 net
from zł 1.186,92 gross

Stet Cube

zł 477,63 net
zł 568,38 gross
Product Overview

Protective Equipment

Hôpitaux Robert Schuman

Surgical Masks "Made in Luxembourg"...

from zł 75,21 net
from zł 89,50 gross

Vision One Face Shield Set

from zł 84,78 net
from zł 100,89 gross

Barriguard Face Shield

zł 3,52 net
zł 4,19 gross
Regular Price 13,88 zł
*All prices subject to VAT
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