Probiotic Cleaners

Probiotic Cleaners

The innovative cleaners from Provilan ensure a healthy microbial balance and displace pathogenic and resistant bacteria quickly and permanently. Learn more about how they work and their range of applications, and get to know the product lines DENAA+ for human use and LUCAA+ for veterinary medicine.

What are probiotics?  

The WHO and FAO define probiotics as "“live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.” While the beneficial impact of probiotic microorganisms on gut flora is widely recognised, their applications extend beyond that. For instance, probiotics can also be used in other areas - e.g. in cleaning products.

Probiotic Cleaners from Provilan 

The probiotic cleaners from Provilan offer an innovative approach to combating organic dirt and pathogenic bacteria. These products harness the power of unique autoactive microorganisms, which consume proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and salts to achieve microscopic cleaning. 

Discover all products of the DENAA+ & EVAA+ series here

Cleaning with Probiotics - How does it work? 

When probiotics are administered via the digestive tract, they are able to bind to the intestinal wall and displace pathogenic bacteria. It is precisely this effect in combination with certain surfactants that plays an important role in cleansing with probiotic microorganisms.

Provilan cleaning products contain living microorganisms that settle and multiply on the surface after application. Thanks to the active components they contain, they begin to displace pathogenic and resistant bacteria and are thus able to significantly reduce their numbers.

Minimising the presence of pathogenic bacteria on surfaces significantly reduces the risk of infection. In addition, the living probiotic microorganisms efficiently break down allergens, pollutants and dirt particles. Existing biofilm is removed and the surface is cleaned deeply. Unlike other products that only temporarily mask bad odours, the microbial cleaners permanently eliminate bad odours by decomposing the organic compounds that cause them.

Disadvantages of Classical Disinfection in Hospitals:

  • Surface germs are only eliminated in the short-term
  • Recontamination of surfaces is not prevented
  • Pathogenic germs multiply unhindered on the surface after only a short time
  • The risk of infection is only reduced for a short time after disinfection
  • With each passing hour, the surfaces become more contaminated and the risk of infection increases again
  • The disinfectants can aggravate existing resistance or provoke new disinfectant resistance

Studies on the use of Provilan  

Several studies, including a multicentre study, were conducted to test the effectiveness of microbial cleaners. These studies aimed to examine the impact of transitioning from conventional cleaners to microbial cleaning products on the incidence of nosocomial infections in hospitals. For this purpose, the number of nosocomial infections was recorded before, during and after the switch to microbial cleaners. The experiment included only a change of cleaning products, without a change of other parameters (type of cleaning, level of training of the cleaning staff, etc.). Samples were taken regularly to check the microflora of the treated surfaces in relation to the cleaning product used. 

Results of the Studies: 

  • The number of nosocomial infections in the facilities was significantly reduced during the use of the probiotic cleaners
  • The reduction in incidence extended to the entire spectrum of nosocomial infections (including urinary tract infections, pneumonia, sepsis)
  • The probiotic microorganisms were able to significantly reduce the proportion of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the treated surfaces
  • The probiotics were able to replace the pathogenic microorganisms that were originally present
  • The proliferation of the probiotic microorganisms was independent of the nature and material of the surface
  • The probiotic microorganisms were not detectable in the blood/urine of the patients with a nosocomial infection
  • The microorganisms themselves did not develop any resistance


Provilan probiotic cleaning products offer eco-friendly and sustainable hygiene solutions 

Provilan's microbial cleaners are not only innovative in terms of their mode of action, but also in terms of environmental protection. The ecological cleaners contain only biodegradable surfactants and other natural ingredients, such as water and fragrances. All products are both vegan and animal-free, and the bottles are made of recycled plastic. Provilan attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability and does not use any chemical dyes, fragrances or preservatives. Since the pollutants are not simply rinsed off, but decomposed by the living bacteria, only the harmless decomposition products end up in the wastewater. 

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Microflora in Comparison 

The two graphics show how the microbial colonisation of a surface develops after it has been treated with a chemical disinfectant on the left and with a Provilan microbial cleaner on the right

After applying the Provilan microbial cleanser, the autoactive, probiotic microorganisms occupy all free spaces and optimise the local microflora. They begin to multiply and displace pathogenic bacteria. After some time and, if necessary, multiple applications, it can be seen that the number of pathogenic bacteria has been greatly reduced.

After applying the disinfectant, the number of good and bad bacteria is significantly reduced. However, already about 1 hour after application, the pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply much more than the good bacteria. Resistant bacteria in particular spread again quickly after disinfection because they could not be eliminated by the disinfectant. The biological imbalance promotes the risk of bacterial infections.

Disadvantages of Chemical Disinfectants 

  • After application, the number of harmful and healthy bacteria is significantly reduced
  • The mode of action often leads to the development of disinfectant resistance
  • Limited effect over time
  • Rapid recolonisation with pathogenic and mostly disinfectant-resistant germs   
  • After a short time, there is already an unchanged or even increased risk of infection again 
  • Creation of a microbial imbalance
  • The substances contained are harmful to the environment
  • The contaminants are not decomposed, but only wiped off and end up in the wastewater
  • Depending on the ingredients, the products often cause allergies/skin irritations 

Advantages of cleaning with microbial cleaners 

  • Creation of a healthy biological balance
  • Displacement of pathogenic bacteria, especially disinfectant-resistant bacteria 
  • Decomposition of organic allergens, pollutants and dirt particles
  • No development of resistances through cleaning with Provilan products 
  • Long-term effect (the bacteria continue to work for a maximum of 72 hours after cleaning)
  • Recontamination of the cleaned surface is minimised
  • Natural and without chemicals - no damage to the environment
  • Elimination of bad odours through decomposition of the causative organic compounds

Preventing Disinfectant Resistance with Provilan 

During the Corona pandemic, the consumption of disinfectants rose to unimaginable heights. Not only medical facilities, but also private users use disinfectants for hand and surface disinfection, and with each application the risk of creating disinfectant-resistant germs increases. These germs can no longer be easily controlled and can multiply practically unhindered and cause infections. The problem not only affects large clinics, but also doctors' surgeries, old people's homes and other medical facilities where disinfectants are regularly used.

The use of Provilan is intended to prevent exactly this. The microbial cleaners displace pathogenic germs by depriving them of both the food and the surface area they would need to spread. In this way, the number of pathogenic and even disinfectant-resistant bacteria is gradually reduced more and more. The fewer pathogenic bacteria there are on a surface, the greater the reduction in the risk of infection. Due to the completely different approach without chemicals that cause resistance, no new resistances are provoked. 

Provilan Products in our Online Shop

Provilan's probiotic cleaning and care products are divided into the product lines DENAA+ for human medicine and LUCAA+ for veterinary medicine. Surface cleaners, hand soap, floor cleaners and all other DENAA+ products can be found here in the Biological Cleaners category. We have compiled the LUCAA+ products for use on animals and their environment for you in the veterinary shop in the Probiotic Cleaners category.

Do you have any questions about our probiotic cleaning and care products? Feel free to get in touch - via phone, email or live chat.

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