Infection Control Equipment

Infection Control Equipment

Here you will find an extensive selection of equipment for effective infection protection, from FFP2 masks to disinfectants. Stay safe for less with Praxisdienst.

FFP2- & FFP3-Masks

Coloured FFP2 Mask

from Kr. 4,40 net
from Kr. 5,24 gross

FFP3 Mask

from Kr. 16,78 net
from Kr. 19,97 gross

FFP2 Mask

from Kr. 5,89 net
from Kr. 7,01 gross

FFP3 Mask with Valve

from Kr. 13,35 net
from Kr. 15,89 gross

FFP2 Respirator Mask

from Kr. 3,36 net
from Kr. 4,00 gross

uvex silv-Air FFP3 Mask

from Kr. 30,20 net
from Kr. 35,94 gross

uvex silv-Air classic 3310 FFP3 Mask

from Kr. 29,00 net
from Kr. 34,51 gross
Intersurgical GmbH

i-Pro™ Respirator

Kr. 47,42 net
Kr. 56,43 gross

Surgical Masks


Surgical Mask, 3-ply

from Kr. 38,40 net
from Kr. 45,70 gross

Teqler Surgical Mask, black

from Kr. 33,55 net
from Kr. 39,92 gross

Surgical Mask with Elastic Earloops, ...

from Kr. 18,64 net
from Kr. 22,18 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Protect Perfect

Kr. 44,36 net
Kr. 52,79 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Comfort Senso

Kr. 56,67 net
Kr. 67,44 gross

Euronda Monoart® Surgical Mask

from Kr. 58,90 net
from Kr. 70,09 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Protect senso

Kr. 44,36 net
Kr. 52,79 gross

3M Standard Surgical Mask

from Kr. 96,18 net
from Kr. 114,45 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Protect Special

Kr. 50,25 net
Kr. 59,80 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Comfort Special

Kr. 63,00 net
Kr. 74,97 gross
Paul Hartmann

Foliodress Mask Comfort Perfect

Kr. 51,45 net
Kr. 61,23 gross

Type IIR Surgical Mask

from Kr. 35,64 net
from Kr. 42,41 gross

Liquid Resistant Mask

Kr. 185,65 net
Kr. 220,92 gross
Hôpitaux Robert Schuman

Surgical Masks "Made in Luxembourg"...

from Kr. 118,55 net
from Kr. 141,07 gross

Signs & Stickers

Spit Protection Wall

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Acrylic Spit Protection Wall

Art. No.: 138735
  • Transparent protective wall
  • Particularly large (80 x 60 cm)
  • With handy foot
  • Made from high-quality acrylic glass
  • With opening
from Kr. 372,05 net
from Kr. 442,74 gross
  • from 5 pcs: Kr. 372,05 net (Kr. 442,74 gross)
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Hand Disinfectants & Accessories

Paul Hartmann

Sterillium Virugard, Hand Disinfectant

from Kr. 12,23 net
from Kr. 14,55 gross
Paul Hartmann

Bode Sterillium med Hand Sanitiser

from Kr. 10,66 net
from Kr. 12,69 gross
Paul Hartmann

Sterillium® pure

Kr. 33,18 net
Kr. 39,48 gross

Purell Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub

from Kr. 8,20 net
from Kr. 9,76 gross
Provita Medizintechnik

Hygiene Stand Light

Kr. 804,50 net
Kr. 957,36 gross
Grüber und Lösenbeck

Hygiene Tower

Kr. 1.036,38 net
Kr. 1.233,29 gross
Paul Hartmann

Manusept Basic Hand Sanitiser

from Kr. 10,96 net
from Kr. 13,04 gross
Paul Hartmann

Hartmann Hygiene Tower

Kr. 2.602,14 net
Kr. 3.096,55 gross
Provita Medizintechnik

Hygiene Stand Flex

Kr. 741,87 net
Kr. 882,83 gross
Grüber und Lösenbeck

Freestanding Disinfectant dispenser

Kr. 954,37 net
Kr. 1.135,70 gross

Disposable Gowns & Caps


Teqler Surgical Gown «Standard»

from Kr. 23,78 net
from Kr. 28,30 gross

Reinforced Surgical Gown

from Kr. 21,55 net
from Kr. 25,64 gross

Standard Surgical Gown

from Kr. 14,54 net
from Kr. 17,30 gross

Surgical Gown Reinforced

from Kr. 19,31 net
from Kr. 22,98 gross

Disposable Overall

from Kr. 51,45 net
from Kr. 61,23 gross

Disposable Gloves Made of Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl or PE


Teqler Nitrile Gloves, Powder-Free

from Kr. 39,14 net
from Kr. 46,58 gross

Teqler Latex Examination Gloves, Powd...

from Kr. 38,77 net
from Kr. 46,14 gross

Unigloves Pearl Nitrile Gloves

from Kr. 40,64 net
from Kr. 48,36 gross
Adebo Medical

Viawant Latex Pro Examination Gloves

from Kr. 34,30 net
from Kr. 40,82 gross
B. Braun Petzold

Vasco Nitril Safety Gloves

from Kr. 105,88 net
from Kr. 126,00 gross
B. Braun Petzold

Vasco® Powdered Latex Gloves

from Kr. 49,43 net
from Kr. 58,82 gross

Ansell Micro-Touch® Nitra-Tex

from Kr. 98,79 net
from Kr. 117,56 gross
B. Braun Petzold

Vasco Nitril light

from Kr. 62,26 net
from Kr. 74,09 gross

Unigloves Select black

from Kr. 50,55 net
from Kr. 60,15 gross

Unigloves Derma Skin

from Kr. 59,28 net
from Kr. 70,54 gross

Unigloves Select Black 300

from Kr. 70,83 net
from Kr. 84,29 gross

Monoart Latex Gloves

from Kr. 58,90 net
from Kr. 70,09 gross
Paul Hartmann

Peha-soft Nitrile White Gloves

Kr. 75,53 net
Kr. 89,88 gross

Unigloves Lano-E Gel

from Kr. 85,74 net
from Kr. 102,03 gross

Ansell MICRO-TOUCH Coated

from Kr. 61,51 net
from Kr. 73,20 gross

Micro-Touch HydraCare

from Kr. 137,94 net
from Kr. 164,15 gross
Nitras Medical

NITRAS Polymer Soft Latex Gloves

from Kr. 46,00 net
from Kr. 54,74 gross
Paul Hartmann

Peha-soft Nitrile Guard

Kr. 66,73 net
Kr. 79,41 gross