Christmas is not far away and many people are searching for gifts for their family and friends. In our themed category «Time for Presents» we have gathered a selection of gift ideas that are ideal for medical students, doctors, naturopaths and other healthcare professionals.

With us, you will not only find classic gifts, such as stethoscopes or medical books, but also unorthodox presents like the desk skeleton from HeineScientific or elegant gifts like the leather doctor bags from M. Wright & Sons. 


The Stethoscope - The Classic among Christmas Gifts

Stethoscopes are excellent christmas gifts for doctors, med students, naturopaths and EMTs. The Litmann stethoscope is particularly popular as a christmas gift, as it is available with multiple tube colours; thus allowing one to individually choose the stethoscope that best fits the recipient's tastes.

A quite special gift idea would be an electronic stethoscope or a stethoscope from the brand's line of special editions. Whether it's completely black (Black Edition), an elegant brass look or a collector's item from one of the limited editions - Praxisdienst is guaranteed to offer you the proper stethoscope as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Leather Doctor Bags - an Elegant Christmas Present

Doctor bags made from high-quality leather are an elegant Christmas present and are excellent for doctors and naturopaths. With Praxisdienst, you will find a large selection of high-quality leather doctor bags in various sizes and colours, made from suede and smooth leather. The doctor bags from M.Wright & Sons, for example, are hand crafted and modeled after the 1920s English style. They combine classic design with high functionality and are conceived to accompany the doctor for life.

Naturally, we also offer you a large selection of doctor bags from non-sensitive materials like Polymousse or Nylon at affordable prices.
Should you need advice on selecting the proper bag, our customer service will happily assist you further! 

Massage Oils - not only a great Christmas gift for physiotherapists 

Whether it's a classic massage oil, aromatic massage lotion or thermal massage cream - in our Massage Oils category, you will find a wide range of high-quality massage oils, creams and lotions that are excellent for physiotherapists, naturopaths and masseurs to provide a bit of thoughtful Christmas attention. 

Combined with other massage accessories from our comprehensive assortment, you can individually put together a wellness gift basket. This is one area where our massage woods, hot stones and herbal pouches come in.  

For all who want to create a comprehensive Christmas present, we also have a wide range of massage and therapy tables in our assortment. 

Additional Christmas Gift Ideas for Doctors

In our online shop, you will find a wide array of products that are excellent as presents for doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists and medical students.
Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers like nurses watches and thermometers or even medical workwear - at Praxisdienst, you are bound to find the proper Christmas gift for every demand.

Here, we have only assorted a small collection of gift ideas - rummage through our shop and let our categories and themed categories inspire you.
We will gladly help you further, should you have other wishes or questions. Simply contact us per telephone, email or use our practical live chat.