BD Vacutainer Blood Collection System

Introducing the modern BD Vacutainer system from the manufacturer Becton Dickinson. Learn how to use the system for venous blood collection and improve workflow in your practice.

Venous Blood Collection with Vacutainer 

Like other well-known manufacturers, Becton Dickinson offers a reliable and contamination-free blood collection system. By combining different components, it not only protects against needlestick injuries, but also enables precise and reliable analysis of the blood samples collected. 

In contrast to systems that use an aspiration technique, such as the S-Monovette, the BD Vacutainer uses a vacuum technique. When a BD Vacutainer tube is inserted into the compatible disposable holder, its rubber cap is punctured by the inner needle and the vacuum in the tube pulls blood through the needle and into the tube.

Risk-Free Venipuncture with Vacutainer Safety Needles

Protection against needlestick injuries is a top priority in doctors' surgeries, hospitals and other health care facilities. For this reason, BD offers its users a range of blood collection sets in which the used needle can be secured after blood collection by means of an integrated safety mechanism. Perfected grinding technology and a patented coating allow for a sharp needle tip and optimal tissue penetration, guaranteeing low-pain puncture

Blood Collection Needles with Safety Caps

The BD Vacutainer sterile blood collection needles ensure simple and safe collection of venous blood. They are equipped with two protective caps. The coloured protective cap protects the upper end of the needle, which comes into contact with the patient's blood, and the white protective cap protects the lower end of the needle, which pierces the stopper of the BD Vacutainer tube. 

The BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Signal™ safety needle is particularly popular. The needle is equipped with a practical viewing window, which is used to determine immediately after the puncture whether the puncture has been performed correctly. When the needle is correctly positioned in the vein, the blood flow into the cannula is visible. After the blood sample has been taken, the safety shield is folded over the contaminated needle with one hand, effectively preventing needlestick injuries. 

Butterfly Needles with Integrated Safety Mechanism

For the administration of short-term infusions of up to 2 hours or for drawing blood from difficult-to-find veins, we recommend butterfly needles. The needle's optimal cut and patented coating allow gentle venipuncture. With a 30 cm long tube, BD Vacutainer butterfly needles provide greater freedom of movement during blood collection. 

The blood collection needles are available with different safety mechanisms. The BD Safety-Lok™ butterfly needle has a slip-on shield which locks over the needle irreversibly when activated by the user, while the BD Vacutainer® Push Button butterfly needle is equipped with a button to automatically withdraw the cannula from the vein, which then retracts into the system's housing. 

BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Sets

Wide Range of BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes 

The manufacturer provides a large selection of BD Vacutainer blood collection tubes with different additives, depending upon the blood analysis procedure to be performed. They form the core of the Vacutainer system. Regardless of the respective additive, all Vacutainer tubes, with a few exceptions, are equipped with a colour-coded Hemogard closure. This safety closure offers medical staff protection against contamination with blood.

During blood collection, the stopper is pierced with the needle with safety valve so that the vacuum of the tube is released and the tube automatically fills with blood. The inner walls of the tubes are sterile and, when filled correctly, ensure optimal mixing with the additive and therefore reliable analysis of the blood sample. The capacity of the tubes is between 1.8 ml and 10 ml, depending on the design. In order to ensure a reliable allocation of the sample, all Vacutainer tubes available in our shop are provided with a paper label. 

As the requirements for blood collection in paediatrics often differ from those for adult patients, BD also offers Vacutainer blood tubes with a capacity of between 1.6 ml and 3 ml. These small-volume tubes are optimally designed for paediatric requirements and enable better management of patient blood.

BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes

Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer EDTA Blood Collection T...

€ 35,49 net
€ 42,23 gross
Becton Dickinson

Vacutainer SST II Advance Tubes

€ 44,79 net
€ 53,30 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Tubes for Blood Group ...

€ 89,79 net
€ 106,85 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Rapid Serum Tube (RST)

€ 165,60 net
€ 197,06 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Trace Element Tubes

from € 57,20 net
from € 68,07 gross
Regular Price 67,29 €
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® EST Tubes

€ 46,79 net
€ 55,68 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Tubes Hormone Analysis

€ 85,49 net
€ 101,73 gross
Regular Price 119,49 €
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer Citrate Tubes

€ 52,29 net
€ 62,23 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® SST™ II Advance 8.5 ml

€ 36,79 net
€ 43,78 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Heparin Tubes

from € 51,49 net
from € 61,27 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® PST™ II Tubes

€ 59,99 net
€ 71,39 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Serum Tubes

€ 41,79 net
€ 49,73 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes...

from € 63,29 net
from € 75,32 gross

Accessories for the BD Vacutainer System

The final component required for blood collection with this system is the BD Vacutainer disposable holder. The holders serve as the connection between the safety needle and the blood collection tube. To release the vacuum from the tube and activate the blood flow, the tubes are inserted into the holder until the stopper is pierced by the lower end of the needle. 

As all BD Vacutainer needles are equipped with a Luer-Lock connector, they can be easily connected to the holder. The brand also offers Luer adapters, which are available separately, to connect standard blood collection sets with a Luer connector to the holder and a BD Vacutainer tube. The special valve on the Luer adapter allows multiple tubes to be filled one after the other

BD also offers holders with an integrated adapter for users who prefer universal needles for blood collection. For practices that use Luer-Lock connection sets, we offer holders with a blue Luer-Lock adapter. If users prefer to work with Luer-connection sets, a holder with an integrated Luer adapter can also be purchased. 

Do you need more information about the Vacutainer System, or do you have questions about accessories? You can reach our friendly customer service either by calling +44 2037 692102 or by sending an e-mail to 

BD Vacutainer Accessories

Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer One-Use Holder

€ 16,29 net
€ 19,39 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Pronto™ Holders

€ 31,29 net
€ 37,24 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Holders

€ 1,10 net
€ 1,31 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Holders

€ 1,10 net
€ 1,31 gross
Becton Dickinson

BD Vacutainer® Luer Adapter

€ 15,90 net
€ 18,92 gross

What is the difference between Luer and Luer-Lock?

In medicine, and especially in the field of infusion and injection, a distinction is made between Luer and Luer-Lock connectors. They are often also referred to as female (Luer) or male (Luer-Lock) connectors. Luer connectors allow a push-in connection, while Luer-Lock connectors additionally also allow the connection to be locked in place by screwing in. Both types of connectors must comply with certain standards, which means that products from different brands are compatible

Luer-Lock connectors are considered safer and are therefore used more frequently, for example when injecting viscous substances such as testosterone. The screw connection helps prevent disconnection under high pressure. Luer connectors, on the other hand, are ideal for the administration of standard injections. With this system, the components can be quickly connected to each other and the truncated cone design provides sufficient safety for such indications. 

Many injection needles can be plugged onto Luer connectors as needed but can also be combined with Luer-Lock connectors. The prerequisite for this is two notches on the lower edge of the cone of the injection cannula. These lock securely into the screw threads of the Luer-Lock connector. 


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  • Microprocessor-controlled medical device
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • User-friendly operation
  • Decontamination cycle with UVC reflection light
  • Maintenance-free electronic control machine
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