The Sun is Back, and So are The Ticks

From 7°C, the arrachnids are revitalised and keep veterinarians, animal care takers and pet owners busy. The parasites patiently wait for their prey in bushes and grasses. There, they will be taken on by wild animals, cats, dogs and horses.


Unfortunately, we must no longer only attempt to prevent the bite - the priority is now to prevent disease transfer. In each country, domestic ticks are common carriers of many dangerous diseases. Only a few hours after the bite from a disease carrying tick will the infection lead to diseases such as borreliosis, anaplasmosis or babesiosis.


In our themed category, we would like to provide you with a few facts surround the the topic of ticks, which you may use in educating your patients' owners. Moreover, we are providing you with important products surrounding tick protection, tick vaccination and diagnosis of tick transmitted diseases.

Tick Remover

Suitable Tick Removers

Whether you need tick cards, tick tweezers or tick hooks: The instrument selection for tick removal is huge. What you offer your customers is the same - as long as they use them properly!

to our Tick Removers

Adequate Tick Protection Consists of:

- Collecting all ticks after going for a walk or free ranging
- Regular wearing of Spot-on compounds
- Use of available vaccinations, e.g. against lyme disease


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Ticks Carry Diseases

Ticks Carry Diseases

..not only on our animals. With animals in the house, ticks gladly transfer to the couch or bed. They also just as happily suck from humans as from animals. Inform your patients' owners about ticks; clarify the importance of suitable tick defence.

Lyme Disease Quick Test

Lyme Disease Quick Test

This in-vitro quick test is ideal for detection of borreliosis, directly from the tick. The quick diagnositc allows for the immediate treatent of the animals after suffering a tick bite.

Natural Tick Protection

Natural Tick Protection

Compounds which naturally protect cats and dogs against ticks and tick bites can be found here in drop and spray forms.