The foundation programme, also known as «FP» is the beginning of the long end to your medical studies and usually takes place over the course of 2 years. Upon completion of the foundation programme, prospective medical doctors will then go on to choose their field, or fields, of specialty training.

The FP should not only serve to prepare medical students for future responsibilities, rather it should also deepen and reinforce the knowledge obtained during their general studies.

During the foundation programme, medical students will undertake various responsibilities and jobs. Among these responsibilities, students will be expected to gain a practical understanding of anemnesis, capillary and venous blood drawing, execution of subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, intravenous application of medicines and treatment of benign wounds. Furthermore, medical students may serve as a second or third pair of hands during an operation.

For the foundation programme, medical students require various diagnostic instruments, as well as professional wear and other aids.

In this themed category, we have assorted a selection of the most important items to help students in their FP achieve their goals and improve their skills. Furthermore, you will find many helpful anatomical models, which are great for practising various skill sets, such as venipuncture or wound closure with surgical suture.


Student Set Basic

Student Set «Basic»

This basic set includes all important diagnostic instruments and aids that will often be required during the foundation programme part of your medical studies. This student set offers a particularly good cost-performance ratio.
Contents: Rappaport stethoscope from Teqler, Buck reflex hammer, diagnostic torch, tourniquet and an ECG ruler.
Student Set Classic

Student Set «Classic»

The student set, Classic version, offers medical students in their foundation programme with solid base equipment, and includes the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope and the Riester fortelux N Diagnostic Torch, which are two very popular brand products.

Contents: Littmann Classic III stethoscope, Riester diagnostic lamp, Taylor reflex hammer, tourniquet and and ECG ruler.

Student Set Premium

Student Set «Premium»

The Premium student set provides students in the foundation program with a selection of high-quality diagnostic instruments at a preferential rate. Many brand name products are included in the Premium set.

Contents: Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope, Prämeta tourniquet, HEINE mini-c diagnostic torch, Trömner reflex hammer and an ECG ruler.

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Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Whether for the prep courses, the foundation programme or the residency period - here, you will find a selection of the most often used surgical instruments, as well as affordable instrument sets.

Diagnostic Instruments

Diagnostic Instruments

Whether you need a blood pressure monitor, diagnostic torches, a stethoscope or an ECG ruler - here, medical students will find every diagnostic instrument they could need during their studies.

Professional Wear for Medical Students

Professional Wear for Medical Students

Praxisdienst offers medical students a comprehensive selection of cost efficient professional wear for the daily clinical life - from surgical caps to scrubs and professional trousers.

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