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Cannulas are among the most important medical consumables and regularly come into use in practices, surgeries and hospitals. Compatible to the various applications, the user has a diverse selection of cannulas in various specifications, gauges and sizes.

With Praxisdienst, you will find a massive selection of cannulae and disposable cannulae for intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous injections. Standard sizes of disposable cannulae can be used for vaccinations and other intramuscular injections, among other things. For cannulas of special sizes, you will find dental cannulae for dentistry or strauss cannulae for phlebotomy. Intravenous catheters and perfusion devices are used with long and short venupuncture with regards to infusion therapy.

Praxisdienst offers you a great assortment of safety cannulas that offer excellent protection from needle-stick injuries. Each cannula is equipped with a safety mechanism, which is activated after use and shields the needle in such a way so as to prevent it from sticking the user.

Button cannulas are great for wound cleaning and for liquid suction. These reusable cannulas come into use in dentristry and orthodontics, among others. In the category "Cannulas," you will also find spray cannulas and drawing cannulas for hygienically drawing solutions.

Purchase all of your cannulas from the comprehensive and very affordable selection at Praxisdienst.