Digitalisation in the Surgery

Digitalisation in the Surgery

Digitalisation has been on the rise since the 1980s. Whether in the education system, production technology or other areas - it is no longer possible to imagine life without it. Digitalisation is now also spreading to the health sector and creating new opportunities.

"Digitalisation will not 'pass', it is not just some technological trend. At most, what will pass is the thought of it passing."

- Michael Pachmajer

The Future of Medicine is Digital

Whether electronic medical records, video consultations or other platforms for communication - these are all examples of how digitalisation has long since arrived in the health sector.

This topic is also becoming increasingly important in the field of medical technology. Interest in systems that have long been established on the market continues to decline, as digital devices offer extensive possibilities and far-reaching optimisation of numerous work processes.

We often see that doctors who have been working in healthcare for 20 years or more prefer to rely on established systems, even though they may not fully exploit diagnostic capabilities, instead of considering digital medical technology.

Here we present modern alternatives to conventional dermoscopes, otoscopes and much more. Discover the possibilities of digitalisation and how you can benefit from them in your everyday work.


Unlike conventional dermatoscopes, which often only offer a 10x magnification, digital dermatoscopes, whose images can be viewed in real time on a PC, achieve a zoom of up to 150x. Therefore, they provide more precise and particularly reliable results. In addition to video dermatoscopes, we offer practical smartphone-based dermatoscopes that can be used easily with your personal smartphone. These smartphone adapters are particularly popular for home visits or for flexible use in clinics. Here, recordings can also be viewed, photographed and recorded on the display.

Video Dermatoscopes


"Firefly" Video Dermatoscope

from € 369,90 net
from € 440,18 gross

DE605 Examination Camera

€ 604,29 net
€ 719,11 gross

Smartphone-Based Dermatoscopes


DermLite HÜD2

€ 189,99 net
€ 226,09 gross

DermLite Handyscope

€ 736,40 net
€ 876,32 gross

DermLite DL1

€ 469,30 net
€ 558,47 gross

DermLite DL1 basic

€ 389,79 net
€ 463,85 gross


Otoscopes are used daily, especially by ENT doctors, general practitioners and paediatricians. Conventional otoscopes usually consist of an instrument head and a battery handle. To maintain hygienic standards, the instrument head is additionally equipped with disposable ear specula. In addition to a significantly higher magnification, video otoscopes also offer easier handling, outstanding depth of field and excellent image quality - so doctors can see everything they need to see.

Digital Video Otoscopes


"Firefly" Video Otoscope

from € 349,00 net
from € 415,31 gross

ri-screen Otoscopy Module

€ 579,79 net
€ 689,95 gross

Orlvision Video Otoscope OX2

€ 1.644,99 net
€ 1.957,54 gross

Ultrasound Machines

In contrast to stationary and heavy ultrasound devices, digital ultrasound devices can be used particularly flexibly. Images are not displayed on a large screen, but on a display of your personal smartphone or tablet. Even large keyboards are no longer necessary, as all settings can be made via the respective apps. This allows doctors to examine their patients directly at the bedside - completely reliable and straightforward.

Smartphone-Based Ultrasound Machines

GE Healthcare

Vscan Air™ CL Ultrasound System

€ 4.495,00 net
€ 5.349,05 gross

Butterfly iQ+

€ 2.899,00 net
€ 3.449,81 gross
Chison Medical Technologies

Chison Portable Ultrasound Machine “S...

€ 4.899,29 net
€ 5.830,16 gross
Youkey Medical

Youkey D8 Mobile Ultrasound Machine

from € 4.499,29 net
from € 5.354,16 gross
Youkey Medical

Youkey Q7 Mobile Ultrasound Machine

from € 6.509,99 net
from € 7.746,89 gross

ECG Monitors

Unlike ECG monitors that print recordings on long strips of paper, digital 1-lead or 12-lead ECG recording devices enable real-time viewing of recordings on external devices such as smartphones or tablets. The corresponding apps in which the data is collected automatically evaluate and interpret it, depending on the device.

Digital ECG Monitors



€ 359,29 net
€ 427,56 gross

CardioSecur Active 15-Lead ECG

€ 794,29 net
€ 945,21 gross

CardioSecur Pro 12-Lead ECG

from € 1.649,49 net
from € 1.962,89 gross

D-Heart Portable ECG Device

€ 349,79 net
€ 416,25 gross
*All prices subject to VAT
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