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Hoffmann Dental
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  • Bonding cement
  • For implant-borne crowns and bridges
  • Bactericidal and x-ray visible
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READY2PROTECT bonding cement, from Hoffmann Dental, is excellently suited for permanent bonding of implant-borne crowns and bridges, thanks to it's bactericidal properties. The x-ray visible, copper-ion cement can just as efficiently be used for mounting orthodontic bands as for cementing root pins and screws. Possible excess can be very easily removed.


Product Details for the Bonding Cement

  • Bonding cement with bactericidal affect
  • Natural periimplantitus protection with zinc-oxide, magnesium-oxide and copper salts
  • For permanent bonding of implant-borne crowns and bridges
  • For bonding inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made from noble metals, NEM, PFM, porcelain und Zirconium oxide
  • For cementing orthodontic bands, root pins and screws
  • Easy excess removal
  • X-ray visible
  • Especially wearable in environmental medicine


Available Pack Sizes

  • 10 Sticks of 1 g powder with 1 tube of 5 ml liquid


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