Universal ri-rap Stethoscope 40 cm | black
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https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/riester_ri_rap_stethoskop_schwarz_133316_1(1).jpg Universal ri-rap Stethoscope
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  • Choice of short (40 cm) or long (80 cm) tube
  • Chromium-plated dual-chestpiece with 2-sided diaphragm
  • Dual-tube with separate audio delivery
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Universal ri-rap stethoscope


The ri-rap universal stethoscope from Riester is special due to its wide variety of applications and excellent acoustics in all frequency ranges. The extra-thick double tube makes it possible not only to differentially perceive auscultations, but also effectively prevents outside noises.
The special feature of this stethoscope: You can obtain either an extra-short (40cm) or extra-long (80 cm) hose


Product details

  • Universal ri-rap stethoscope
  • You can obtain them either with an extra-short (40cm) or extra-long (80cm) hose
  • Chromed double chest piece with two membrane sides: ∅ 45mm and 32mm
  • Better adjustment to the skin thanks to membranes with a special surface structure
  • Thick double hose with separate noise conductors for the left and right ear for outstanding sound conduction.
  • Good protection against outside noises
  • Differentiated perception of noises in auscultation
  • Available in a wide range of colors


The ri-rap universal stethoscope is delivered with three funnels which can be fitted onto the membrane in the funnel mode. Changing covering connections is particularly fast and easy


Materials supplied

  • ri-rap universal stethoscope
  • 3 funnels (∅ 33.5mm, 27.3mm, 20.3mm)
  • Each with a transparent membrane
  • 2 pairs of replacement ear tips
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