Cellacare Tarsotec right foot | size 1
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  • Disassembleable ankle brace
  • With reinforced carapace and front foot strap
  • Washable at 30°C
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80.45 EUR New Out of stock
80.45 EUR New Out of stock
80.45 EUR New Out of stock
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Cellacare Tarsotec 

The Cellacare Tarsotec ankle support is built to adapt to different stages of treatment, allowing progressive patient mobilisation. For example, the reinforcement pads or the forefoot strap can be removed. This washable ankle brace is available for either the left or right foot and is very versatile in use.
Product Details 
  • Cellacare Tarsotec ankle brace
  • Modular construction allows for phase-specific mobilisation 
  • With patented forefoot strap (can limit talus prolapse in cases of ligament rupture)
  • Removable reinforcement pads to limit the pronation and supination of the ankle joint
  • With gently compressive knitted section – supports the regression of oedemata 
  • Ankle support held firmly in place by circular straps and heel strap
  • Washable at 30°C (delicate cycle)
  • Product composition: Cotton, polyamide, elastane, polyurethane, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, silicone, polyvinyl chloride
  • Device number:
  • Available in 2 versions for the left or right foot 
  • Colour: black/gray/orange 
Applications of the Cellacare Tarsotec Ankle Brace 
  • For the treatment of post-acute, fibular ligament ruptures and severe distortions of the lateral collateral ligaments 
  • Injuries to the calcaneocuboid ligaments 
  • In cases of chronic instability of the ankle joint
  • In cases of inflammatory and degenerative dysfunction of the upper and lower ankle joint
  • For post-operative treatment (following ligament reconstruction)
  • For the prophylaxis or relapse prevention in amateur and professional sports 
Cellacare Tarsotec size table 
Size Heel-instep circumference
1 28 - 34 cm
2 34 - 40 cm
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Cellacare Tarsotec right foot | size 1

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